With Style and a Little Grace: April 2018


Happy Tuesday y'all - I got my hair trimmed today and I swear it feels ten pounds lighter. Anyone else feel like that adds a little pep in your step? I did not get much reading done in March but the books I did read, I really enjoyed. I have been trying to start My Husband's Wife for two weeks now - really hoping to make a dent in my April reading this weekend. What are you currently reading? Would love any recommendations for my running list. 

-The Child by Fiona Barton - An old house is being demolished in a desolate neighborhood in London and a worker uncovers the body of a small child. Journalist Kate Waters begins to investigate this child and who they were. As a crime from decades before comes to light, she delves deeper into the past. We follow several narratives throughout the book as we piece together how they are involved. You won't see the ending coming - highly recommend! 

-Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng - Shaker Heights is the perfect all American neighborhood. Everything is planned out from the streets to the lives of the families that live on them. The Richardson family is the epitome of the neighborhood. When Mia Warren and her daughter come to town and begin renting at the Richardson's rental home the town is suddenly a very different place and new points of view come into play. Especially surrounding an adoption battle. What are the secrets in Mia's past? This one was slow at first but I loved it once I got into it. Great read. 

-The Fifth Petal by Brumonia Barry - Give me a book about Salem and witches and I am sold. This one did not disappoint. If you loved A Discovery of Witches, read it! A teenage boy dies in a strange incident on Halloween involving the local historian and local looney Rose Whelan. Salem's Chief of Police John Rafferty must investigate and he is linked back to Salem's most publicized cold case " The Goddess Murders." Three women all descended from Salem witches were brutally murdered and all these women had been taken in by Rose. Callie Cahill, the daughter of one of the women and the only survivor besides Rose will come back to town and will try to help prove Rose's innocence. Fun and easy read. 


Where did the weekend go and why is April so cold? Just a few questions I asked myself this frigid April Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I thought it would be fun to do a little life lately post of what's been going on at the Johnston house since my last post in February.

- Poor Charlie has been having some issues and we had to have him neutered. Before you ask, we thought we might breed him which is why we did not neuter him when he was a puppy. I will say two weeks with a cone and staples was not fun for anyone. He is totally back to normal now - thankfully! 

Earrings | Wrap Dress | Heels super old similar here 

- Easter 2018 

- Our new and improved Breakfast Nook - I will be doing a full before and after post soon. 

Scarf H&M Old similar here | Bag boutique in Seaside obsessed with this one | Sunnies

- Last weekend we had such a fun little getaway with friends to Sandestin

Earrings | Top Hemline in Mobile similar here | Jeans | Espadrilles 

- We ate at The Surfing Deer on 30A Saturday night and I highly recommend - the food and atmosphere were great! 

- I have been working out at least 3-4 times a week since the beginning of March and I am really trying to keep it up. 

I have a new book review coming this week for everything I read in March. For the past week  I haven't wanted to do much reading, but I am trying to dive into a new book this week and get back to the program. I also just watched the first season of The Handmaid's Tale - oh my gosh have y'all watched it? It is definitely very intense but really sucks you in. Let's just talk about Southern Charm as well - the first two episodes.... amazing! If you aren't watching you definitely need to start. 

Have a great week guys and thanks for reading!