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Life Lately

Happy Fat Tuesday Friends and sorry for the radio silence on WSLG. I have every intention of picking up blogging again and life just kind of happens, inspiration on the internet is few and far between these days in my opinion. I am just much more inspired going to the library and reading a new book - anyone else? I do want to get back into writing though and I feel like it has been too long. Where to begin - here's what has been going on in our world. 

- We got a new roof and it seriously changes the way our house looks, see the before picture below, ugh. I am kind of obsessed with it. We have been in our house a little over a year and it is still such a work in progress, everything takes so much time and OH SO MUCH MONEY. There are several things I want to accomplish this Spring but I might do a post this week on the current way it looks - be forewarned its a major work in progress. 

- Spent such a fun weekend in Starkville with my girlfriends and husbands just catching up, having cocktails, and shooting some guns. 

- Rode in my second Mardi Gras parade and it was even more fun than my first. 

Sweater Golden Griffin | Favorite T-Shirt | Jeans  

- My float was Breakfast at Tiffany's - I mean could it be anymore perfect.

- Fun night with friends - although this is probably the most unflattering outfit ever on me. 

- MSS 2018 Henry's Ball - super fun night and we were completely exhausted the rest of the weekend. I did surprise Henry with massages on Friday for Valentine's Day and that was such a treat. 

Dress BCBG Old 

- Spent today by our pool, relaxing and catching up on a new book.

January kind of drug but February has been flying by and I am so excited for Spring! I have been working out again and I am hoping to really kick it into high gear before summer gets here. I laid out today and my summer body is just not there guys. 

I am having a No Buy February and so far it hasn't been that hard. I like the feeling of saving that money and being able to invest in nice purchases down the line. I will say all the Spring/Summer clothing is super tempting. I have read several new books and will be doing a February Reading List soon. I also did a big house deep cleaning and got rid of everything that we don't use or love. Best feeling ever. 

Currently Watching: Summerhouse, Vanderpump, The Magicians, Riverdale, RHOBH, Young Sheldon, Big Bang. Let me know if you have anything good I need to watch! 

What are you guys up to? Talk to you soon! 

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