With Style and a Little Grace: January 2018


- FINAL GIRLS by RILEY SAGER - If you love a thriller and a classic horror film you will really love this book. Ten years ago Quincy Carpenter went to a cabin with her college friends for a fun weekend that quickly turned into a mass murder. She is the only survivor and unwillingly becomes a final girl with girls who have been in similar situations. Ten years later one of them has died in suspicious circumstances and the memories Quincy couldn't remember from that night are coming back to her.

- THE RULES OF MAGIC by ALICE HOFFMAN - I loved Practical Magic so this prequel about the Owens siblings growing up in the sixties and their family legacy will instantly suck you in. The Owens curse and all of the siblings love lives will keep you on your toes. I read this traveling over the holidays and could not put it down. It is magical!

- THE LIGHT WE LOST by JILL SANTOPOLO - Read this book in one sitting. This book is about first love and how people change and stay the same over time. The funny way that things work out. Definitely a tear jerker.

- THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO by TAYLOR JENKINS REID - Loved every soapy minute. Aging movie star Evelyn Hugo hires newbie writer Monique Grant to write her biography. What follows is the story of Evelyn's rise to fame and all the men she married and why. Very reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor. You will tear through this book! 

- PARTY GIRLS DIE IN PEARLS by PLUM SYKES - Such a fun book! I love Plum Sykes - Hello Bergdorf Blondes! This book is set in the 1980s and the elite world of Oxford University. Ursula Flowerbutton is a freshman with her heart set on writing for the school paper, Cherwell. When she discovers one of the poshest girls in school murdered, she will have to solve the murder and write about it. Such a cute read! 

What are you currently reading? I will have another reading list in February - send me your recs! 

2018 GOALS

We are officially two weeks into 2018 and I finally feel like I am getting my sea legs in the new year. After the holidays, it took me a few weeks to get back into our regular schedule. I have lots of blog planning this long weekend and I thought it would be fun to start with my goals for 2018. I love to make lists and making a list of goals that I want to achieve is one of my favorites. I always feel that when you really put things out into the universe, you will achieve them. 

January is one of my least favorite months, but I do love the clean slate of a new year. A lot of these goals are on my list every year, but I have a few smaller ones that I want to achieve. I also go month to month and have a list of smaller goals from my 101 in 1001 that I try to achieve. 

- SAVINGS - Savings is always a big one. We are trying to really budget our money and not spend as much to save for bigger purchases. I am working on our budget and might do a post in a few months to update. 

- EATING AT HOME - This one goes with the savings but we are trying not to eat out as much, it really adds up. I want to do more meal planning, instead of being tired and just lazily picking up food on my way home. 

- FITNESS 3X A WEEK - I started on this goal this week. I worked out on the elliptical Monday, started the first week of BBG free trial, and I went to my first hot yoga class Friday, which was amazing and I might be newly addicted. I have to say that getting back into my fitness routine has already started to feel great, especially after my glutenous holiday. 

- HOME PROJECTS - Henry and I have several things we want to accomplish for our house. The first one is we want to wire a wall for our tv and get quotes for built-ins on that wall. I think this will be an amazing addition to our living room. We also have some big purchases to make like a buffet, art work, and finishing painting some rooms. 

- JOHNSTON FAMILY TRIP - Henry and I are planning a trip this year for the two of us. We don't want to spend too much money so it needs to be somewhere we can drive but also somewhere we haven't been together. We are thinking about Savannah, Charleston, etc. Let me know any suggestions? 

- FINISH WARDROBE BASICS - I have a running list of wardrobe basics I need in my closet. I don't have that many left to add until I feel like my basics arsenal is complete. 

What are your goals for 2018? 

LIfe Lately...

- Thanksgiving 2017 with the fam 

- Made a delicious pecan pie 

- Charlie doing his favorite activity 

- Our biggest Christmas tree and my favorite ever 

- Virginia with family - love this picture of Aunt Cathy, Henry, and me

- In Williamsburg with Aunt Cathy 

- Our new house in Williamsburg ;)

- Henry duck hunting in Arkansas 

- Annual Office Christmas Party at Dauphins 

- Our First Dinner Party 

- 2017 Johnston Christmas Tree - love her 

- Annual Tapia Christmas Eve Eve Party 

- New Years Eve 2017 A Hackney New Year - Such a fun wedding! 

Good Morning Strangers and Happy New Year, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. This week was definitely hard to get back into the swing of things, but it is always nice to get back to a routine. We had such a wonderful end to 2017. Lots of holiday fun and spending time with family. This Thanksgiving and Christmas were probably one of my favorites yet. I have lots of 2018 Goals and will have a post up about them later this weekend. I am planning to start BBG - anyone else tried it - I am hearing really great things. I also have a ton of books to review and maybe a best purchases of 2017 - would anyone be interested in seeing that?  I hope you have a wonderful 2018!