With Style and a Little Grace: MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS


Well..... we are 10 days in and I am already behind on my resolutions..... not good guys not good at all. I have been looking everywhere for my drive to blog again and haven't quite found it yet, I am almost positive it is hiding behind my work-out clothing and tennis shoes that I have been threatening to pull out for 10 days now. I know - we put so much pressure on ourselves ( or at least I do ) to change things drastically right after the indulgent holidays and it is a little hard. I really did put pen to paper in my adorable Kate Spade notebook with all my goals on the first, now to write them here visible to the world and where I can hopefully hold myself accountable. 

(1.) Budget and Save - I know that this one is a common theme but I really want to learn to budget regularly and put money away and pay off all debt. I love the Dave Ramsey method and will probably be using this again. I would love to know your tips for saving and for budgeting. This is a huge goal for our family in 2017. 

(2.) Get Fit as a Family/Cook  More Often - Henry and I really want to shape up this year. We both want to lose a few pounds and get into a much more frequent work-out routine. This winter has really put us into hibernation mode. One of the big goals for this and for the budget is meal planning. I try so hard at this and then get utterly stumped when I go into the grocery store - even with a list and find myself distractedly wondering around the frozen food aisle - anyone else? It just becomes really daunting sometimes for me. We did really well this week but I want to get a food routine going. 

(3.) BLOG - Work on my content and grow - I want to really base my content this year on what I am interested in focusing on and less about what all the bloggers I follow are doing. I really want to hone in on my favorite topics and make unique content for this spot. I want to make it something I am really really proud of and that you find interesting to read. 

(4.) Furnish and Photograph our Home - By the end of 2017 I would really like to furnish our home and photograph it room by room for the blog. I know it is not going to be exactly where I want it but I definitely want to be able to look back and see my progress. 

(5.) Purchase Thoughtfully - Before I buy anything I want to make sure it is something that I really want/need. I want to save the money to buy the things I really want and not spend lots on small little things that I will end up throwing out at the end of the year. 

(6.) Go Somewhere We Have Never Been - Take a trip somewhere new with Henry and have an adventure together. 

(7.) Don't Sweat The Small Stuff - Don't allow myself to think the worst or freak out over something that hasn't even happened yet and probably will not happen over small little things that I will forget about the next day. This one is something that I deal with on the daily and I know it is mostly all in my head. 

What are your resolutions?

Thanks for reading! 

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