With Style and a Little Grace: We Bought a House!!!!

We Bought a House!!!!

We finally bought a house y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been a long process and we are so happy that this beauty is finally ours. We closed two weeks ago, but between working on the house and traveling to see family I haven't had a chance to update. It's our first house and we can't wait to make it our own. 

We will not be moving in until the end of October, because we are doing several updates ourselves - send us some good vibes haha! Here is what we are doing before move in day.


Scraping all the popcorn off the ceilings
Painting the entire house
Recess lighting in the living room - have an electrician coming in for this one

In the Future

Updating kitchen granite/backsplash
Pool house update and paint
Work on backyard

Henry and I are so excited and I can't wait for tons of before and after photos on the blog. I will still be doing my usual fashion and beauty posts, but there will be a ton more home decor posts coming your way and I can't tell you how long I have been waiting to do all those posts. I took tons of before photos so stay tuned for progress. There is a ton to do to make it our own, but we are excited! 

Thank you for reading even though my posts have been slightly sporadic! It has been a very busy two months! 


  1. Congratulations! Can't wait to see the progress!

    1. Thank you Bama! I am so excited to document it! XO, Gracie

  2. Congrats girl!! So much excitement for you!

    1. Thank you!!!!! We can't wait to move in! XO, Gracie

  3. Love the house! And that pool...!!!

  4. How exciting!! Can't wait to see how you spruce your new place up!