With Style and a Little Grace: My Guide to the Perfect Coffee Table

My Guide to the Perfect Coffee Table

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Let's talk coffee tables y'all! For the past 5 years, our coffee table has been a very cool ship door table that Henry's grandfather made. Unfortunately, that is not coming with us when we move so I have been scouring the internet for the perfect coffee table option - for the right price. I am going to be honest - the idea of decorating my own house is beyond thrilling, but the whole process is also overwhelming at the same time. Especially, when every dollar counts you want to make sure you are getting something you absolutely love. 

I find that making collages for each room really helps me to sort out where I see things going. Right now I am leaning towards the glass and gold option here but I am basically in love with all of these and their budget friendly price tags. As someone who has literally never bought a coffee table here are a few things I learned about myself. I like a rectangular coffee table and it has to be tall enough - no stumpy tables allowed. What are your favorite coffee table options?

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