With Style and a Little Grace: On My Radar

On My Radar

- Gorgeous light at Azalea Manor where I helped with an event this week

- celebrating a co-workers Birthday with lunch at Fuego - these pork street tacos were amazing 

What a fun and totally crazy week! Things have been moving along on the house front and we could possibly have news next week but I don't want to jinx anything! Henry and I have been getting home late all week and we are really excited about this weekend to relax and catch up with each other. I have several blog projects planned to get September started with a bang. Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes y'all!


01 // New Running Shoes - Henry bought these for me for my Birthday and I am really excited to start my new work-out routine.

02 // Facts about a Cinderella Story - love these on Buzz Feed and I seriously watch this movie every single time it comes on TV. 

03 // 3 Lies You May Believe About Your Creative Work - this article on The Everygirl rang so true to me and it really made me want to stop comparing my journey to everyone else's and just keep on keeping on. You go Glen Coco! 

Thanks for reading y'all! 

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