With Style and a Little Grace: Book Review: The Husbands Secret

Book Review: The Husbands Secret

Hi Friends and Happy Friday - I hope everyone had a great week! I am so ready for this weekend. I finished the Husband's Secret in 2 nights and literally could not put it down. Everyone told me I would love the way that she writes and now I honestly wish I had picked up these books sooner. They literally suck you in until the end. I am pretty proud of myself for getting back to reading more frequently but I will admit I am still re-watching Gossip Girl. I am now on Season 4 - love that show!

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So Good!


  1. Gracie, I love her books so much! I love her writing style and I've been sucked into every single one so far! Three Wishes was one of my favorites!

    1. Lacey I will definitely add that one to my list! I am currently obsessed! Thank you for reading! XO, Gracie