With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Things

Weekend Things

- had the most amazing pimento cheese sandwich ( pimento cheese, bacon and a fried egg) at The Noble South with my co-workers on my Birthday Lunch. If you live in Mobile and haven't eaten there, it's a must! 

- flowers from my sweet co-worker on my Birthday 

- Saturday night pizza night with Henry - we watched The Heart of the Sea and I highly recommend renting it. We also went and saw Suicide Squad, it was cute but more of a renter. 

- Quotes currently motivating me 

Happy Monday y'all! I had a wonderful Birthday weekend and am definitely excited about everything 31 has to offer. I am a little bummed Summer I can't wait for Labor Day weekend. 

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  1. big little lies is such a great book! i have her newest on me now, and need to read it quickly and return it to the library for the next person on the list. happy bday!

    1. I am really enjoying it! Let me know how you like it! XO Gracie