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On My Radar

Happy Monday Blog World and Happy Birthday Month to me - yes I am that obnoxious Birthday person! I thought I would get less "Birthday obnoxious" with age, but no such luck. So..... since it is my Birthday month and since I have been in a major blogging rut - 9 posts in July.... my worst record thus far, I will be blogging every single day for the month of August! Now let me be clear, some of these might not be full blown posts but something interesting about my day or something that is on my radar. I am switching it up and pretty jazzed - yes I used jazzed and didn't mean it sarcastically - about the process. 

In the Johnston's World August 1st

- We have officially been house hunting for a week and have looked at around fifteen houses. We accidentally fell in love with the second house we looked at and someone scooped it up before we had a chance to make an offer on it :( but as we have decided God was just letting us know that was not our house. This is such an exciting time since we have waited so long for it to be here but it is also slightly terrifying and stressful. It has basically been all consuming since we started full speed ahead. We would love to be in a new house by October - fingers crossed!
- Charlie is staying in the house most days since it is so hot outside and I let him out at lunch. I came home for lunch last week and he had an accident in the house and he was so upset - I felt like the worst mom ever. 

- Henry bought me my first big Tory Burch bag ( I have a gold clutch ) during the #nsale for my Birthday and yes I am already carrying it because I am in love with it. I am obsessed and know that it will be my go-to bag the entire Fall!

- I read The Gates of Evangeline in 3 nights and could not put it down. It is a spooky and suspenseful read - highly recommend.

- I literally have no desire to come up with any fun blog posts at my house because all I want to do is move to be totally honest with y'all. I am hoping to do a few new outfit posts soon and get back into those. As for now I am going to focus on Everyday August!

- Stranger Things - Have y'all watched this show on Netflix? I keep hearing all about it and I think I am going to try to watch the first episode tonight.

- Two Things I can't wait to watch - Gilmore Girls Seasons on Netflix November 25th at midnight- I mean it just looks perfect - we all know what I will be doing on Black Friday! The Hills Special on August 2 on MTV - so excited!

- I will admit that now that August is here we are officially in my 5 favorite months of the year - so much to look forward to coming up! Please let us get a house.

- All I want to do is look for furniture all the time so there will probably be a ton of home posts and inspiration coming up - all my money is going into the house so I am also thinking about only shopping my closet for the next 2 months and seeing what looks I can come up with. 

- Sometimes I feel like I should stop perusing other blogs..... as a blogger this is one of my favorite things to do but recently trying to save money and looking at all the amazing things other people are doing on blogs/social media can be kind of hard. I also want to really be creative with my own content and not be influenced by what everyone else is doing - hence Everyday August. Do you know what I mean - the struggle is real and let's be realistic a lot of the people I follow their insane homes and budgets are not #reallife. I also feel like I should limit my you-tube videos because all it does is make me want to shop.

- We went and saw the new Bourne movie with friends on Friday. Love going to the movies but it was not as good as all the other Bourne movies that we loved - definitely a renter. 

- I sort of want to quit watching the news because quite frankly it is totally terrifying and scares me a little more every single day. I just pray over this one on the daily. 

- The entire month of July I just didn't care about my diet and now I have gained 5 lbs and have to start caring again because it is a slippery slope and I don't want to look up in another month and have a major 10 lb issue - ya heard? So my new routine is running at night and adding in some You-Tube Tone it Up videos. I did enjoy all those wings and french fries though.

- I tried a Take 5 candy bar last week and it was life changing - I repeat life changing. 

- What's the deal with Taylor Swift -  she is back on my super annoying list and seriously Tom your a grown man - he seems kind of creepy to me. 

- RHONJ - Henry and I hate the new ladies and can we talk about the leopard party on the last episode..... I'm not sure if we can watch this season.

- Henry and I have started watching HGTV in anticipation of our new house and we watched like 5 episodes back to back on Saturday. 

Ok guys - that was a lot! Let me know if you are into any of these things too and what you are excited about coming up! As always, thank you so much for following along with me!


  1. omg yes. i used to be only fashion type mags, fashion type blogs, but since owning a home all i want it house house house. hgtv, diy...now that the house is done-ish i am back to following fashion blogs!

    1. Ha I know it is so addicting! Thank you for reading XO, Gracie