With Style and a Little Grace: Our Weekend

Our Weekend

 - eggs benedict and cheese grits

Happy Monday Friends! We had a fun weekend but as usual it flew by too quickly. We did some more house hunting and have decided to take this weekend off and give ourselves a break. My dad came in town and we grilled out Saturday night and had a delicious brunch at Half Shell on Sunday before he headed out of town. How was your weekend? I am convinced  I will stay on my schedule this week and not veer off Everyday August - I will not lie I'm not doing great on this task right now.

- Their Bloody Mary was delicious 

- lovely brunch with my dad and my in laws on Sunday

- Everyone has been raving about Stranger Things so Sunday afternoon I "netflix and chilled" in bed and watched the entire season. I loved it. Basically I love everything about the 80s anyways and this was so good! Funny and Scary - the kids were great! Definitely recommend watching it if you are looking for a new show. 

- New Lily Print - Get Trunky - everything in this new collection is so cute. Obsessed!

Happy Monday Friends - I hope you have a great week!

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