With Style and a Little Grace: August 2016

Summer 2016 Favorites

As Labor Day draws closer I thought it would be fun to do a Summer Favorites post like I did last year here.  We had such a fun Summer, Girls Beach Trip, a month of weekend visits to The Grand Hotel, a super fun 4th of July party on the river, and our Annual Bald Head Island Trip. As sad as I am to see it end - I have to admit I am really ready for Fall and it is truly inspiring me for tons of new content. Is there anything that I should definitely be blogging about - leave me a comment and let me know! 

White Off The Shoulder Look 

White Out

Weekends at The Grand Hotel and Here 

Annual Trip to Bald Head Island 

Summer To-Do List

I got almost everything checked off my Summer To-Do List and I plan on tackling a few items this weekend. See below

At Home Burger Station
Print out the 4 photos I want to frame 

Clearly I had a major thing for all white/navy this Summer. 

Best Purchase of Summer - definitely these 

Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday! 

Weekend Things

- had the most amazing pimento cheese sandwich ( pimento cheese, bacon and a fried egg) at The Noble South with my co-workers on my Birthday Lunch. If you live in Mobile and haven't eaten there, it's a must! 

- flowers from my sweet co-worker on my Birthday 

- Saturday night pizza night with Henry - we watched The Heart of the Sea and I highly recommend renting it. We also went and saw Suicide Squad, it was cute but more of a renter. 

- Quotes currently motivating me 

Happy Monday y'all! I had a wonderful Birthday weekend and am definitely excited about everything 31 has to offer. I am a little bummed Summer I can't wait for Labor Day weekend. 

Thanks for reading, 

Bar Cart Style

Happy Saturday Morning Friends! Again I am back after a week of silence with vows of being a better blogger. I haven't done an outfit post in over a month..... I keep writing down all these new ideas but right now I just can't seem to put pen to paper and get them out of my head. I am hoping to change that soon I swear. My 31st Birthday was yesterday and I had a wonderful day. I am looking forward to a chill weekend.

My mom sent me this gorgeous bar-cart for my Birthday and I am so excited about styling it. She knows me too well. I can't wait to put it in our new house.... when we find it. Hopefully soon. :) 


Thank you for reading and Happy Saturday! 

Four on Friday

- new earrings I can't wait to style next week - From Left to Right | Bauble Bar | Happiness Boutique Statement Earring c/o | Happiness Boutique Iced Fern Earring c/o seriously dying over these Happiness Boutique beauties 

- finally trying out all the different Peter Thomas Roth masks - pumpkin enzyme is my favorite as I knew it would be. This is a great way to try out these masks before splurging on the expensive large version. 

- impromptu popcorn shrimp dinner at our favorite little market up the street from our house

- finally purchasing my favorite Prada Marfa print and finding a great frame for it at Old Time Pottery. I can't wait to find her a home in our new house. Currently have it hanging in my closet room. 

Happy Friday Friends! It has been a fairly busy week and I am pretty excited to start the weekend. We are looking at several houses on Saturday - fingers crossed. I am soooooo ready to find the one. In the meantime, I have been pinning up a storm and scouring the internet for home inspiration. This rule Henry made about not buying any furniture until we buy our house now has me itching to purchase anything and everything for it. 

I know he is right and we need to know the space before I decide what I want to fill it but I am so excited! 

I hope you have a great weekend - check back tomorrow for my current home decor obsessions! 

Thanks for reading! 

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Great news for your Thursday friends- the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale has been announced and it is going to start on Monday! This is the best time to get those items you have been lusting after all Summer long. MARK YOUR CALENDARS LADIES! I really want to stock up on some shorts and a dress or two. 

Really want these, these, oh and these. :) 

I truly love Lilly Pulitzer and you will have the prints for years to come. I would go ahead and make your account on their website and save your credit card - everything goes super quickly !

Outfit Deconstructed

Happy Tuesday Friends! I thought I would try something a little bit new - somewhat similar to sharing my outfits of the week but with more of a breakdown. I thought it would be a fun and more casual way to share my current outfit favorites combined with my regular outfit posts. I wore this look on Monday and honestly this navy J.Crew Factory skirt is a serious work horse in my closet. I love it.

I know sometimes it can be hard to really make the effort in the morning before work but it makes such a difference in how you feel throughout the day if you are feeling totally put together versus rushed and thrown together. I have recently been picking out my looks the night before and it makes such a huge difference. Little things like accessories and painting your nails really do go a long way - at least for me.


Thank you for reading!

Fall Inspiration Board

Happy Sunday Loves - as you can tell I have definitely got Fall on the brain. I wanted to put together a fun inspiration board for my Fall wardrobe to see what I need to add. As I am currently re-watching Gossip Girl you will see that as always I am totally inspired by all their fun looks - the patterned tights, chunky knits, and autumn colors - gimme. It's so gorgeous! I am over Summer style and have moved on to my favorite season. 

According to my inspiration board here are a few items I am looking to add to my wardrobe. 

New plum and red nail-polish 

Thanks for reading! 

Save vs. Splurge - Chanel Slingbacks

Good Saturday Morning Everyone! Henry and I started our weekend of relaxation yesterday and I honestly might not get out of my pjs. We really needed a little time to decompress because we have honestly been going non-stop and the house shopping has definitely added a little element of stress - not that I am complaining because it is so exciting but I really needed to unwind and recharge myself. So to my excitement after doing tons of inspirational internet perusing last night I woke up with tons of new blog ideas and ways to rejuvenate this little space.

First and foremost I know I am supposed to still be in summer mode but it has been monsooning here the entire week, the mosquitoes are awful and Fall + the holidays are my favorite so there I said it - I'm ready for Fall! While I was doing said internet stalking last night I came across this killer Zara version of the Chanel slingbacks. Ivanka Trump did a cute version too but hers were around $100 and you can't beat this $40 price point. These are the perfect heel for work and I think they would look killer with distressed jeans too! I scooped them up and can't wait to wear them. Get them now before they are gone. 

As always, thank you so much for reading! 

Friday Five

- need this color pants in my life ASAP - I found a similar pair to these at TJ Maxx and might go back today and purchase. 

- The perfect Fall bootie to add to my collection 

- Ann Taylor Loft is killing it with their pieces for work - I seriously want everything

 - My girlfriends convinced me last week that I need to re-watch Gossip Girl and now I am obsessed again and building my Fall wardrobe around Serena and Blair's outfits

 - Kale salad with apples at Whole Foods is my new favorite lunch treat - that and Smoothie King smoothies

That's it for this week - sorry for not delivering on Everyday August - I'm working on it! Truly looking for a house is all consuming. We are taking the weekend off to veg out and relax and I am really looking forward to it. I have some fun photos planned for next weekend with my friend Jenny so hopefully more original content will be in the works for the Fall. If you want more updates follow me on Snap - GracieBJohnston

Thanks for reading!

My Birthday Wish-List

Happy Tuesday y'all! It's my Birthday month and that means it's time for my annual Birthday wish-list! As with tradition here are a few items that I really have my eyes on. 

Michael Kors Chronograph Watch - I really really want a watch - I don't have one and this one has been on my wish-list for over 3 years now. 

LV  Keychain Wallet - I love this little pochete and think it is the perfect addition to my key-chain for my credit cards while I am on the go. 

Tea Kettle - My old one broke and I am hoping Henry will just get me a new one for my B-day - definitely need it for my hot tea and cocoa this Fall. 

Black Jeans - I don't have any and think they will go with all my favorite sweaters during the winter months. 

Leopard Pumps - I would love to have these for my work wear and think they would really add a little something extra to all my outfits. 

Nars Lipstick - I want a gorgeous red for the Fall and I just love the beautiful packaging plus the formula is perfection.

Barbour Beadnell Jacket - I really really love this jacket and really really need it in my wardrobe - enough said. 

Elements of Style - On my coffee table book wish-list - it's gorg. 

Bookshelf - The first thing I want for our move so I can fill it with all my favorite reads. 

Thanks for reading! 

Our Weekend

 - eggs benedict and cheese grits

Happy Monday Friends! We had a fun weekend but as usual it flew by too quickly. We did some more house hunting and have decided to take this weekend off and give ourselves a break. My dad came in town and we grilled out Saturday night and had a delicious brunch at Half Shell on Sunday before he headed out of town. How was your weekend? I am convinced  I will stay on my schedule this week and not veer off Everyday August - I will not lie I'm not doing great on this task right now.

- Their Bloody Mary was delicious 

- lovely brunch with my dad and my in laws on Sunday

- Everyone has been raving about Stranger Things so Sunday afternoon I "netflix and chilled" in bed and watched the entire season. I loved it. Basically I love everything about the 80s anyways and this was so good! Funny and Scary - the kids were great! Definitely recommend watching it if you are looking for a new show. 

- New Lily Print - Get Trunky - everything in this new collection is so cute. Obsessed!

Happy Monday Friends - I hope you have a great week!

August 1st

Photo of the Day - taken after my 3 mile run/walk - the most I have done in around 5 months - by goodness I will get in shape again 

Today was your average Monday. I had a harder time getting up than usual, that lagging throat hurting feeling that usually comes from allergies or right before you get sick. I washed my hair on Sunday so I went with the unwashed braid and if I am being totally honest, it is up most days because I am in desperate need of a haircut and this 90-100 degree heat and murky hot wet humidity leaves me a total frizz ball 2 minutes after walking out the door so I have really given up on my hair for the moment. 

At lunch I came home to visit with Charlie, did a load of laundry and watched 15 minutes of Odd Mom Out - it was the episode where they get drunk with their weird neighbors - Drew Barrymore - and I lost it when they were talking about the lice and gathering the kids and running out the door. I had a tuna salad sandwich that wasn't very exciting. I got home around 5:15, Henry was running late from a meeting so I popped a Stouffers in the oven - don't judge me and finished a NY housewives episode - the one on the boat with Tom and all his lady loves. I finally sucked it up and stuck with my calories and my work-out today. The work-out was hard but I love running right before it gets dark, the sunset was gorgeous and there was lightning and thunder in the background. New Spotify playlist discoveries include - Destiny's Child and Chance the Rapper. Random things I thought about while running include - Kylie Jenners lipstick line, who does Hilary Clinton's makeup/hair every day, buying a house and furniture......I mean I don't know what to say about that.

Came home, did some crunches and got ready for bed. Did a clay face mask, ate a popsicle, and read Anderson Cooper's book Dispatches from the Edge. His life is so fascinating and makes me want to see more of the world. Contemplated starting Stranger Things and went to bed.

As always y'all thank you for reading! These could be the most boring posts ever. 

On My Radar

Happy Monday Blog World and Happy Birthday Month to me - yes I am that obnoxious Birthday person! I thought I would get less "Birthday obnoxious" with age, but no such luck. So..... since it is my Birthday month and since I have been in a major blogging rut - 9 posts in July.... my worst record thus far, I will be blogging every single day for the month of August! Now let me be clear, some of these might not be full blown posts but something interesting about my day or something that is on my radar. I am switching it up and pretty jazzed - yes I used jazzed and didn't mean it sarcastically - about the process. 

In the Johnston's World August 1st

- We have officially been house hunting for a week and have looked at around fifteen houses. We accidentally fell in love with the second house we looked at and someone scooped it up before we had a chance to make an offer on it :( but as we have decided God was just letting us know that was not our house. This is such an exciting time since we have waited so long for it to be here but it is also slightly terrifying and stressful. It has basically been all consuming since we started full speed ahead. We would love to be in a new house by October - fingers crossed!
- Charlie is staying in the house most days since it is so hot outside and I let him out at lunch. I came home for lunch last week and he had an accident in the house and he was so upset - I felt like the worst mom ever. 

- Henry bought me my first big Tory Burch bag ( I have a gold clutch ) during the #nsale for my Birthday and yes I am already carrying it because I am in love with it. I am obsessed and know that it will be my go-to bag the entire Fall!

- I read The Gates of Evangeline in 3 nights and could not put it down. It is a spooky and suspenseful read - highly recommend.

- I literally have no desire to come up with any fun blog posts at my house because all I want to do is move to be totally honest with y'all. I am hoping to do a few new outfit posts soon and get back into those. As for now I am going to focus on Everyday August!

- Stranger Things - Have y'all watched this show on Netflix? I keep hearing all about it and I think I am going to try to watch the first episode tonight.

- Two Things I can't wait to watch - Gilmore Girls Seasons on Netflix November 25th at midnight- I mean it just looks perfect - we all know what I will be doing on Black Friday! The Hills Special on August 2 on MTV - so excited!

- I will admit that now that August is here we are officially in my 5 favorite months of the year - so much to look forward to coming up! Please let us get a house.

- All I want to do is look for furniture all the time so there will probably be a ton of home posts and inspiration coming up - all my money is going into the house so I am also thinking about only shopping my closet for the next 2 months and seeing what looks I can come up with. 

- Sometimes I feel like I should stop perusing other blogs..... as a blogger this is one of my favorite things to do but recently trying to save money and looking at all the amazing things other people are doing on blogs/social media can be kind of hard. I also want to really be creative with my own content and not be influenced by what everyone else is doing - hence Everyday August. Do you know what I mean - the struggle is real and let's be realistic a lot of the people I follow their insane homes and budgets are not #reallife. I also feel like I should limit my you-tube videos because all it does is make me want to shop.

- We went and saw the new Bourne movie with friends on Friday. Love going to the movies but it was not as good as all the other Bourne movies that we loved - definitely a renter. 

- I sort of want to quit watching the news because quite frankly it is totally terrifying and scares me a little more every single day. I just pray over this one on the daily. 

- The entire month of July I just didn't care about my diet and now I have gained 5 lbs and have to start caring again because it is a slippery slope and I don't want to look up in another month and have a major 10 lb issue - ya heard? So my new routine is running at night and adding in some You-Tube Tone it Up videos. I did enjoy all those wings and french fries though.

- I tried a Take 5 candy bar last week and it was life changing - I repeat life changing. 

- What's the deal with Taylor Swift -  she is back on my super annoying list and seriously Tom your a grown man - he seems kind of creepy to me. 

- RHONJ - Henry and I hate the new ladies and can we talk about the leopard party on the last episode..... I'm not sure if we can watch this season.

- Henry and I have started watching HGTV in anticipation of our new house and we watched like 5 episodes back to back on Saturday. 

Ok guys - that was a lot! Let me know if you are into any of these things too and what you are excited about coming up! As always, thank you so much for following along with me!