With Style and a Little Grace: Our Weekend + Taking Stock

Our Weekend + Taking Stock

Happy Monday Friends - I hope you had a great weekend and again I am officially the worst blogger ever. July has been a great month for the Johnston's but it has also been a crazy one which leaves little time for blogging. We had a really fun weekend - Friday we relaxed and had pizza delivered. Saturday we went to Breakout Mobile - if your town has this you should really check it out. It is such a fun and different activity to do on the weekend and there are tons of different themes. Then we went to dinner at Dauphin's, the new restaurant at the top of the RSA Tower and the food was INCREDIBLE - highly recommend for all you Mobile locals. A little update of what is currently on my radar


Making: Lightened up chicken salad on bagel thins with grapes and almonds - let me know if you would like the recipe - so good. 

Reading: Nothing - I need a new book to get me excited about it again 

Wanting: It to cool off - it is seriously stifling in Mobile right now

Watching: RHONJ, PLL, Odd Mom Out, and One Tree Hill/Charmed on Netflix totally random

Listening To: Spotify all the time - love the different stations 

Drinking: Coffee and Water on repeat 

Looking forward to: Finding the perfect house - going to look tonight

Trying To: Not get ahead of myself on the house hunting process or let myself get overwhelmed, also trying to work-out five nights a week and start cooking at home again - we have gotten into a bad habit of eating out all the time. 

Wearing: Anything that doesn't make me hot - I literally don't want to wear jewelry at this point. 

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