With Style and a Little Grace: Natural Born Planner

Natural Born Planner

I love to plan and as much as I love my digital calendar there is something so gratifying about physically checking items off my list. When Day Designer sent me their fabulous new planners - I was beyond thrilled to switch over to one that worked so well when it comes to planning out my week. I love that I get the hours for each day along with my big goals and spots to add the most important items on my list. I am mildly obsessed with washi tape and love the color that it adds to my planner. I love to highlight fun upcoming events and to see my entire week in review is my ideal. 

My Planning Tips

- Sit down on Sunday evening and plan out your week
-Focus on 2-3 big items to tackle 
-List in order of importance
- Don't over-do it on your list or you will never tackle them
- Write in everything you are doing - shows, meals, exercise, the more the merrier - this is the place where you want to see everything

What is your favorite part about planning? I am working on my weekly meal planning on a budget would y'all be interested in how I meal plan over a month and follow along? 

Let me know and as always - thank you so much for reading! 


  1. Love your planner and your planning tips! I've been looking for a planner that I can use for both teaching and my life that doesn't break the bank, so thanks for adding some positivity to the Day Designer brand :)

    1. Thanks girl! They have some seriously adorable stuff - I highly recommend checking them out! XO, Gracie