With Style and a Little Grace: My Living Room Inspiration Board

My Living Room Inspiration Board

Hi Friends! This week has been one of the best for the Johnston's drum roll please..... we are officially in the market for a house! OH MY GOSH - this is beyond exciting and honestly totally overwhelming. We are lucky in that we can take our time searching and find exactly what we want - but we are hoping it happens sooner rather than later. 

Like I told you in this post - we own zero furniture and in my excitement I have really wanted to streamline my visions so I know where to start shopping once we buy. I felt like my pin boards just made me even more overwhelmed so I thought I would start doing these inspiration boards for each room - are y'all interested to see my ideas? Let me know because honestly I see tons of home decor posts in my future and it has really inspired me after a month where I could find no blog inspiration. 

I really want to keep things simple and neutral in our large pieces and then bring in accents with books, lamps, paintings, and mirrors. I love the idea of a white couch but that is really the only thing Henry has an opinion on - because he feels like it will constantly be dirty because of Charlie - which I kind of understand - insert me whining about it here. But he is totally open to grey which is what I think I am learning towards. He is good with everything else as long as he has somewhere comfy to sit - oh men.

As I will literally be purchasing everything from scratch I will keep you posted - thanks as always for reading! 


  1. My sister has this sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman from IKEA. It has a removable cover and is super comfy! Her husband was on the fence with white since they have a toddler and a dog but it is holding up great! http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S89129207/

    1. Thanks Bama! I will definitely check that out - Ikea has some great options!