With Style and a Little Grace: Buying a Home * In the somewhat near future

Buying a Home * In the somewhat near future

Happy Wednesday y'all! Since I am currently on the hunt for new inspiration I have been delving back into some of my Pinterest favorites. Henry and I are about to start dipping our toes into the process of finding a home to buy - tiny tiny beginning stages, but the ideas of curating our own home - finally after 5 years of living in a fully furnished home that isn't our own is the most exciting venture. I can't wait for all the posts I can do, progress, DIY, buying furniture since we literally own like 3 pieces of our own - the possibilities are endless. And even more exciting getting out all of our weddings gifts that are still in boxes three years later - it will literally be like Christmas Day I kid you not. 

I am starting to look for furniture but I thought I would put together a list of everything that we need - it's really long because we legitimately have none. 

Items I Own that need to be upgraded

My chair in bedroom needs to be recovered in something neutral

My old headboard needs to be recovered

Items to Buy 

Bed Frame and Mattress + risers 

End Tables

Mercury Lamps for both sides of bed

At least two more new lamps 

Dining Room Table + Chairs = something I can DIY or paint for cheap is an option

Kitchen Table + Bar-Stools * depends on what house needs


Sisal Rug

Coffee Table

China Cabinet

New Bedding *hotel bedding in navy with monogram

Armoire or great chest of drawers for bedroom


Bar Cart

Ceramic Stool

2 Wing Back Chairs

Large Painting - DIY * working on this in a few weeks 

A little of my inspiration that I feel is somewhat realistic :)

* all images via Pinterest
Let me know what I am forgetting on my house buying list and as always thank you for reading!