With Style and a Little Grace: Bald Head Island Recap

Bald Head Island Recap

Happy Saturday Strangers! This Summer has not been my most consistent blogging record but we have basically rolled all of our vacations into the month of June and early July and finally stopped to catch our breathe this weekend. It is truly the first time we have been home in over a month with nothing on the horizon and I plan on doing nothing but relaxing at home for the remainder of the summer. 

I cleaned all morning and finally feel like I have a semblance of organization after a crazy busy few weeks. We had an amazing trip to Bald Head and I wanted to share some photos from our Annual Beard family vacation. 

- ferry ride over to the island - new top from TJ Maxx 

- after dinner ice cream treats 

- the adorable house we have rented the past few years

- Beard fam just missing my brother

- Uncle John's puppy who happens to be named Gracie - isn't she adorable? 

Such an amazing trip as always and I am already planning for next year - we are definitely staying the full week next time! Too much to try and pack in! 

I hope y'all are having an awesome weekend - we went and saw Mike and Dave get Wedding dates and it was pretty cute. Also, the season finale of Outlander is tonight - can't wait! 

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