With Style and a Little Grace: Greek Chopped Salad Recipe

Greek Chopped Salad Recipe

I shared this photo on my Friday Five and several people wanted to get the full recipe. It is super easy and so yummy, the perfect light Summer salad. You will want to make this for lunch all season long. You are getting so many veggies in one salad and it is so filling and generally keeps me full until dinner. Sign me up sister! 

-- Greek Chopped Salad --

- spinach 
- chickpeas rinsed 1/2 cup
- Handful diced tomatoes
- Diced kalamata olives
-diced red onion
-diced cucumber
-diced yellow pepper
- crumbled  feta cheese

Red Wine Vinaigrette 

Mix olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper, and lemon to taste and serve over your salad.

Such a yummy and refreshing salad for hot Summer days and nights! 


  1. So delicious! I love a good Greek salad :)

    xo, Annie

    1. You will love this one - it is so good! XO, Gracie