With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock // 15

Sunday Stock // 15


Making: Chess Squares - recipe this week and healthy english muffin mini pizzas for lunch to kind of switch it up - I was getting a little tired of my avocado toast every single day. 

Reading - still reading Find Her and it is pretty scary. I can't read it before bed. 

Wanting: I am really trying to go on a shopping hiatus but it is proving harder than ever - any tricks not to shop? It is even harder because I blog and I am always look at fabulous outfits of other bloggers. 

Watching: Southern Charm, Outlander, RHOD, RHOBH, and all of our sitcoms. I really haven't had any desire to watch anything else. Loving The Goldbergs and Big Bang. 

Drinking: Water and Coffee

Looking Forward To: Seeing my family this weekend and my girls beach trip Memorial Day weekend. 

Trying: To work-out 3 times a week and really get back into shape. I am having a hard time this go around to really commit - any suggestions - I have got to get back to it before Summer. 

Wearing: These on the daily 

Wanting - the perfect off the shoulder dress for Spring and Summer - this one and this one are high on my list. 

Working on: managing my time better - our schedule has been crazy recently in a great way but I am really in need of working on my time-management and being able to work everything into my day. 

What is currently on your radar? 

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