With Style and a Little Grace: Spring Reading List

Spring Reading List

I love to read and was reading a ton around the New Year and then I kind of fizzled out. I sometimes go in phases where I am reading all the time and then I feel like I never have the time to pick up a new book - do y'all do this? I like to compile the books I want to read for the new season and there are some good ones that I am looking forward to diving into - you can check out my Spring/Summer list last year here. My favorites were The Girl on The Train and The Nightingale - if you haven't read pick them up. 

I am so excited because Glass Sword is the second book in The Red Queen series that I started and loved last spring. Can't wait to continue that story. 


Find Her Lisa Gardner - Another great thriller this story is about a woman, Flora who was kidnapped on Spring Break 7 years ago and held prisoner. She begins working with the police on several female murders and she gets tangled up in everything. I just picked this one up to start. 

 Glass Sword Victoria Aveyard - I read Red Queen last Spring and loved it. This series is all about Mare Barrow, a common girl with red blue who has the powers of the Silver Blooded Royals. The crown calls it impossible, and she is out to find more like herself. The second book in the series includes a growing rebel army and Mare searching to uncover the truth. 

Big Little Lies Liane Moriarty - Another novel full of secrets about three women all at a crossroads. Each woman going through things in their own life and they seem to intertwine in a very interesting way. 

The Nest Cynthia Sweeney - This looks to be a hilarious novel about 4 adult siblings looking to get their inheritance. The Plumb Family lives in New York city and seems highly dysfunctional and hilarious - can't wait to read. 

Cravings Chrissy Teigen - this cookbook looks amazing and I want to try everything in it.

My Brilliant Friend Elena Ferrante - A story of two girls growing up in the 1950s in a poor but vibrant neighborhood in Naples. The story of their friendship as they grow and rely on each other on the tough streets. It shows the changes in a neighborhood, city, and country, including the changes this all brings to the unforgettable main characters. This sounds like a beautiful read. 

The Glittering Court Richelle Mead  - Guilty pleasure - I was obsessed with her Vampire Academy books - like could not put them down so I knew this would be a must read on my Spring list. It's about a select group of girls  from the lower class where the court offers them everything beyond their wildest dreams. Adelaide is from the high society but is going to be married away to a loveless marriage so she chooses to pose as the lower class in order to escape her fate. Another fun dystopian love story. Yes please.

What is on your reading list for Spring? Please let me know so I can add it to my list. 

Thank you for reading! 


  1. Big Little Lies!!!! Do that one first. It was my favorite of all of the frequently recommended books last year. SO good and such a page turner!!

    1. I have heard it is seriously too good! Thanks Annie - I will let you know when I finish! XO, Gracie

  2. Big Little Lies is on my list to read too! I think they're making it into a movie or TV mini-series soon!