With Style and a Little Grace: Bunny Wish-List

Bunny Wish-List

Little Peter Cotton Tail hopping through the forest dropping lots of goodies onto your front door!!! I love this time of year minus the horrible cold that has only gotten worse since Monday, lots of Dayquil this week. The only thing that could make me feel any better is if the Easter Bunny dropped off a basket with some of these goodies on my doorstep this weekend. 

Growing up we always had the most amazing Easter baskets filled with lots of fun goodies. There is something so good about a basket because you can fill it with tons of personalized little touches. I love the idea of making baskets according to what people love and their favorite items. If you are still Easter shopping for your favorites - I have rounded up some goodies that are sure to make any ladies Easter. If you love baths, check out everything at Lush - the glittery egg on my collage is from there and all their Easter bath bombs look seriously amazing. I am a religious nightly bath taker so I feel like I need them all in my life. 

What do you want for Easter?

Thank you for reading! 

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