With Style and a Little Grace: Book Review: The Royal We

Book Review: The Royal We

If you love the British royals and a good fairytale romance where a prince falls in love with a regular girl you will devour this adorable read. This book was written by The Fug Girls who are behind one of my favorite hilarious blogs. The writing style is clever and hilarious and the characters are totally relatable.

 I finished it in a few days and it definitely got me back on the reading train after my little slump in February where I went through a bit of a lack of inspiration to do much of anything - it could have been the winter blues. 

A little Overview:

Rebecca Porter finds herself at school in Oxford falling for the guy down the hall, Nick who it just so happens will soon be ruling the country. It was usually Bex's twin sister Lacey who was up for the adventure but not this time.  It's a story of their courtship, friendships along the way, and all the bumps and bruises and of course scandal and rivalry. 

Totally adorable and a must read! 

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