With Style and a Little Grace: Valentine's Day Memories

Valentine's Day Memories

As Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching it has me thinking about some of my favorite Valentine's Day memories. Some of my most cherished have to be in my youth because there was something so fun about going to school and passing out/receiving the classic Valentine's Day cards in my favorite of the moment theme: Hello Kitty was a must and any Disney character really. One of my favorite candies to this day are Sweethearts and I might be munching on them as I type this post - getting the little boxes at school was a favorite. My mom and dad would always surprise me with Valentine's Day goodies for my room and with lots of candies - gimme all the chocolate. 

There was something so exciting about Valentine's Day during those days- you just never knew what the day might bring. In middle school and high school, candygrams filled the hallways and the day was not complete without tons of sweet treats and carnations. Did anyone else have those compatibility quizzes you could do? Oh the entertainment. Secret Admirers or Oh So Serious Boyfriend's filled your locker with hearts and candies. 

Valentine's Day will always be one of my favorite's because it is just a fun day to tell all your favorite people - hey I'm glad you're here! Eat a little chocolate, have a little romance, what's not to love? Plus I'm a hopeless romantic! 

Happy Wednesday and Thank you so much for reading! If you still need a great gift check out my gift guide for her here and for him here. Also if you are spending the night in you need to watch one of these flicks! 

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