With Style and a Little Grace: Pink + White

Pink + White

Things I love about Valentine's Day - wearing pink and red, a fancy date night out, stuffing my face with chocolates and wine, just call my Kirsten Cohen - if you didn't get my OC reference then that makes me sad. Or it's sad because I watch too much tv but whatever The OC will always be one of my faves - RIP Marisa. 

I decided to take a tip from myself and shop my wardrobe for a fun Valentines' Day look. This peplum top over this pink dress changes it entirely and makes it a little more date night and less cocktail. This J.Crew top might be one of the most versatile items I bought last year. The dress I have had for years but I have linked a ton of similar and fun options for your Valentine's date night. 

Hi Friends and a Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone! We are off today for the holiday and since we have been full on Mardi Gras fun for the past two weeks we are officially staying home and relaxing and maybe tackling a mountain of laundry.

 We had such a fun weekend with friends in town, going to see a few parades downtown and a day spent eating great food and spending time with friends. With our crazy schedule and my new job my blogging has been a bit sporadic as I have been adjusting to my new schedule but I believe that I am finally officially caught up - so I am sorry for the lack of posts.  

A Few February confessions

I ate so much horrible food the past two weeks that it finally sparked me to start my NY resolution work out routine - I know I am so behind but I have gotta get back into shape.

I went on a Dawson's Creek TV bender and watched the final two seasons on Itunes because I couldn't wait for them on cable - I mean that's a problem - team Pacey all day everyday.

I am giving up sweets and alcohol for Lent. Henry and I always give up alcohol - it's not that hard and we like to try to be really healthy after the holidays and Mardi Gras. The sweets are going to be the seriously difficult item to give up. 

Happy Fat Tuesday and I can't thank you enough for reading! 

* Photos by the talented Jenny of Jenny Leigh Photography 

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