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On My Radar

The most insanely gorgeous tree on my morning walk into work 

TGIF ladies - this was a nice short week with the holiday on Tuesday but after all of the Mardi Gras madness I am looking forward to a very clear schedule. I have tons of blog planning to do because I definitely feel like I am hitting a bit of a creative lull. You know those times when you just can't think of anything interesting to talk about - whelp it's February and I am officially in a slight rut - how is that possible only a month 1/2 into the year. 

I think with all the changes happening for us and trying to get used to our new schedules it has just been a little overwhelming to find a new rhythm. I am hoping to get back on track soon. I don't want to lose the great rate I was going and I definitely don't want to post anything boring or poor quality. I posted a recipe yesterday that was just totally poor quality and I deleted it because I just didn't feel like it represented what I want this site to be. I digress y'all - it's Friday and you don't want to sit here and listen to me jibber jabber all day. 

I am a total sucker for these types of movies and this one is no exception. It looks super cute but it's probably a renter

I just need to add all of these to my ever growing closet lust list. 

3.) Want to know your French Name?  Mine is Anais oh la la! 

5. I want these pajamas for Valentine's Weekend

Happy Weekend y'all and Thank you as always for reading! 


  1. AHHH I know the rut feeling. Even changing scenery can help sometimes!! It also helps to sit and chat with another blogger / creative...that's when I find the ideas flowing!! You'll be out of it in no time. I love reading over here no matter what! xo!

    1. Thank you so much Annie! I definitely agree - trying to look back on some of my favorite posts from all my favorites and get inspired - your blog is definitely one of them :) I think it's my sweets withdrawals from Lent ;) haha