With Style and a Little Grace: My Favorite You-Tubers

My Favorite You-Tubers

As I told y'all on Friday I have been in one of those little blogging ruts that can occasionally happen - so I took the weekend to get lost in some of my favorite bloggers and You-Tubers sites and it really recharged me creatively. I sat down with a notebook and revisited my favorite books around my house from bloggers - Cupcakes and Cashmere and Lauren Conrad Style are some of my faves that I own. I currently want this one and this one. 

I visited my favorite bloggers sites and looked to their posts to inspire - my favorite bloggers currently - Carrie Bradshaw Lied, The College Prepster, and Cupcakes and Cashmere. I also watched a few of my favorite you-tubers and I know I have told y'all before but You-Tube is one of my favorites. I love the beauty videos, the vlogs, the organizational videos, and the fashion ones. So, today I wanted to round-up my favorite You-Tubers that I watch weekly and why I love them. If you are anything like me and love a peek into other peoples lives then you need to check these ladies out. 

1.) Fleur DeForce - British You-Tuber - Favorite Videos: Beauty and Fashion Hauls, Monthly Vlogging - she is currently vlogging everyday in February and I love the daily videos. Her husband Mike and her adorable puppies make cameos and they are all super cute. Love her style and her personality. 

2.) Rachel Talbott - California gal who is also a singer. Favorite Videos: Beauty videos mainly her spa night/skincare or beauty routine videos. I also love her decor, DIY, and fashion videos. She and her husband have an adorable little boy and they are so adorable - love her videos.

3.) Tiffany D - Southern You-Tuber Atlanta gal. Favorite Videos: Fashion Hauls, Beauty Tutorials and Home Decor/style videos. She and her husband have an adorable little girl and their vlogs are really fun too. 

4.) Tanya Burr - British You-Tube star. She and her husband Jim are major in the you-tube world. Favorite Videos: Any of her vlogs, baking videos, and her beauty/fashion hauls or how/tos. They are super cute and fun to watch. She was just on British Glamour and is getting even bigger.

5.) Lily Pebbles - British You-Tuber Favorite Videos: Home Hauls, Organizational and Style videos, Fashion hauls, and her vlogs. She just got engaged and she and her fiance are too cute. 

6.) Zoella - The You-tuber who started the You-Tube video craze. Favorite Videos: Anything and everything she is seriously too cute. Lives with her boyfriend Alfie and their adorable puppy Nala and their guinea pigs. So fun to follow along with them - especially during Christmas .

If y'all check them out let me know - I love watching all of them. Happy Sunday and here's to a great week. 

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