With Style and a Little Grace: Downtown


It's pretty obvious around here that I love a great stripe tee and I think that a gray and white option and a black and white option are both closet staples. So when I realized I didn't have a gray and white tee I had to scoop up this tissue soft version from J.Crew. This is the softest and coziest tee and the perfect option for those comfy errand running days. 

 Many moons ago I had a Limited Two black and white striped stretchy tee that was the most used item in my wardrobe - the love of stripes runs deep. I wonder how much money my parents spent at The Limited - a good chunk of change I imagine ;) 

Let me know if you love a great stripe tee as much as me - I can't pass one up! I loved shooting with the fabulous Jenny of Jenny Leigh Photography on these photos again. We have so much fun shooting together.

Thank you for reading! 

* Photography by JennyLeigh Photography 



  1. So cute, Gracie!! Love a great striped tee :)

    Annie Reeves

    1. Thanks Annie - I know I can't resist a great stripe XO, Gracie

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