With Style and a Little Grace: Currently Craving: New Skincare Routine

Currently Craving: New Skincare Routine

When I turned 30 the one thing I really wanted to focus on was making sure that I am taking care of my skin. My skin is in pretty good condition minus a few sun spots and some creases on my forehead. I am usually really great about washing my face, cleansing, and doing face masks routinely. The hardest part is being able to afford all of the amazing products I would like to be using on my skin. It's just so expensive. 

There are some items that have amazing drugstore options- cleanser (Simple is my current fave) a great day cream ( Aveeno), face masks ( Queen Helene is hands down the best ) , and body scrubs ( apricot scrub tried and true). The other products that you really need to start using in your thirties can run you a pretty penny, but are totally worth the splurge. I rounded up the items I would love to add to my beauty regimen - right now my nightly routine consists of cleansing, usually a face mask or scrub, then coconut oil to top it all off. If you have any great drugstore versions of serums or eye creams I would love to try them out. 

Thank y'all so much for reading! Please let me know any posts that you might like to see coming up - I feel like February has been a little blah and I definitely don't want to bore you guys. 

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