With Style and a Little Grace: February 2016

February Favorites

Another month has passed - too quickly. February was a very busy month, we are getting into our new routine and finally really getting into a good rhythm.  I have been doing really well on my healthy eating and working out - one week in - the rest of the year to go :) . I have  a new series coming this week called What I ate Wednesday and I will be continuing my OOTD posts on Fridays. I am back in full blogging action. 

We are slowing down and I am excited for Spring to be here and all the fun time spent on the water coming soon. I have a few items that I am loving this month and that I have been using on repeat - some of them since Christmas. 

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Perfume - Oh y'all this perfume is AMAZING. I love it and Henry loves it. I want to purchase the big bottle but it is a bit pricey. I am in love with all Jo Malone products and would probably purchase everything she makes. 

Naked 2 Palette - I got this palette for Christmas and I have used it every single day. The neutral shades are perfect for every day. I have the Naked palette and have used it for years. I don't know why it took me so long to finally purchase this one but it's just as great. 

Covergirl Stay Luminous Foundation - This foundation is a gorgeous drugstore option and leaves your skin bright with a hint of dewiness without looking oily. I love Covergirl and highly recommend trying this one out. 

Loreal Voluminous Original Mascara in Black - An old favorite I added back into the rotation. This mascara is super thick and gives your lashes a very full look - if you don't like a really thick mascara, this one might not be for you. 

Clear Makeup Container - I found this container at Home Goods and I love it holding a few of my make-up favorites. 

Victoria's Secret Robe - This cozy robe was an after Christmas sales purchase. This is the coziest robe I have ever worn and I have been wearing it every single morning. I think this version is sold out but I am loving this one.

Kitchen Utensils Container - I have a new love of Home Goods and I found this super cute utensils container there as well. I wanted something cute but simple to hold all of my kitchen necessities. I love the way it looks on my counter. Similar here

Tory Burch Gold Wrap Bracelet - I have wanted a Tory Burch wrap bracelet for a long time and my mom got me this gorgeous one for Christmas. I have been wearing it on repeat and I think it goes with almost anything. I love it layered with other bracelets or on it's own. 

Green Goddess Fruit Smoothie - Since I gave up sweets for Lent and I am trying to lose weight I am trying to incorporate even more fruit into my diet. I have been eating fruit salads with a little bit of this smoothie mixed in and it is just the right amount of sweet to curb my craving. 

Celestial Peppermint Tea - I have been on the hunt for a nighttime tea other than my usual green tea and this peppermint tea is so good. It is another sweet treat for the end of the evening and I am really enjoying it and actually looking forward to it. 

Bagel Thins - I discovered these last week when I was shopping for my new healthy lunches and I have been eating them with veggies and cheese. Sometimes I toast them and they are so good, I get the everything option. 

So there you have it, a little beauty, fashion, home decor, and food favorites from this month. I also watched The Intern and I loved it.  That would definitely be my movie favorite.  We also watched Love The Coopers over the weekend and it was adorable. TV - honestly I am not loving anything that much right now, I am hooked on watching You-Tube videos and reading at night. 

I hope y'all are having an amazing Monday and Thank you so much for reading! 

On My Radar

Dreaming of our Honeymoon to St. Lucia - take me back 

Happy Friday y'all! I am really looking forward to the weekend. Trying to get into a new routine with my new job and blogging has been a little hard. I have also started a new work-out so I have basically thrown myself into a whole new routine this month. I am hoping next week I will finally have my stride with everything. I just have to be a little bit more productive on my Saturday's, which can be a little hard sometimes. 

 Currently on my Radar:

Life in Pieces on CBS - are y'all watching this show? We love it and it is hilarious! 

Loving this article from The Everygirl - I am obsessed with The Everygirl. I could scroll through their home tours all day. 

This Detox Diary is fascinating - especially since I have started back on a healthy eating kick. I am thinking about doing a what I ate Wednesday talking about my healthy eating choices. 

OBSESSED with this gorgeous one-piece , but it's totally out of my budget :(

New You-Tube favorites are the Saccone Joly Family - they blog every single day and their family is seriously adorable. I love them. 

Thank y'all so much for reading! 

My Spring Heels Collection

Suede Peep Toes similar here | Nude sandals similar here | Python Sandals | VS Wedges similar here| Zara Sandals similar here | BCBG Pumps | F21 Pumps similar here| Strappy Black sandals similar here | Steve Madden Sandals | Mossimo Mules similar here | 

I loved doing my Fall/Winter Shoe collection and talking about the shoes that I really need/want to add to my wardobe, so I thought it would be fun to do a Spring shoe collection. I realized that while I have been really trying to cover all the basics, I might have the most boring shoe collection ever. I think I have most of the classic shoe staples covered and have something that will go with everything but I need to add some more fun pieces. A little color perhaps? Trying to save money and buying fabulous shoes sometimes don't go hand in hand.  Alas this girl on a budget is determined to add a few fun shoes to my collection this Spring. There are some great options for great prices. 

Shoes I Need in my Collection 

Obsessed with these Gladiator Sandals  and love them in pink 

I hope y'all are having a great week! I will add updates on what I decide to add to my closet during March and April. 

Spring Wish-List

I know, I know I am already craving breaking out all of my Spring wardrobe and doing a fun haul of new items that I need to add. Every year I look forward to pulling out my clothing and remembering what I purchased last year and continuing the pursuit of the perfectly curated wardrobe. I usually store my Spring clothing because I don't have enough closet space so it is always nice to do a little clean-out every time I make the closet switch. It is never ending am I right? There are a few items that I really want to incorporate into my wardrobe: more off the shoulder again this year, midi-skirts that I can wear to work, and I really need a few new pairs of shoes and a great bag. 

I was thinking about doing a Spring Capsule Wardrobe and documenting it on the blog - would y'all be interested in something like that? Let me know. I am trying to be super frugal about what I purchase this year because we are saving for a house. I want to make sure that the few staples I get will be great with the items I already own. 

What are y'all loving for Spring? 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Style I want to Steal - Anne Hathaway in The Intern

I told y'all we watched The Intern over the weekend and like with every single Nancy Meyers flick I watch - I was obsessed with the homes and the fabulous wardrobe of Anne Hathaway. It had a very similar vibe to my normal preppy style and I would love to incorporate some of these pieces into my wardrobe. She looked so gorgeous and the outfits looked so classically stylish. Did you love this style? It's right up my alley. I am seriously obsessed.


Riding Boots

Happy Monday Loves - hope y'all had a great weekend. Our's flew by as usual. I went to the flea market Saturday searching for a frame for a DIY project and it was a total bust. We hung out with our friends and godchildren on Saturday night and Sunday was spent being totally worthless with a trip to the grocery store and a work-out squeezed in so technically I did things on Sunday. 

Let's be real the work-out was just to get back in the swing of things and left my legs feeling like lead. We rented Straight Outta Compton and The Intern and I really enjoyed them both. I LOVED The Intern - I mean I love everything that Nancy Meyers does but Anne Hathaway's wardrobe - OBSESSED. Need all those items in my life. I might do a how to get that look post on it this week. 

The weather has been so mild I haven't really worn my riding boots all Fall/Winter. I wanted to pull them out before I get into all of my Spring favorites. I love a fun boots and skirt combination. This navy skirt is a favorite see it here and here. You can make so many outfits with it. 

I hope you have an amazing week! Thank you so much for reading! 

The Week in Outfits

TGIF y'all! I wanted to start a new OOTD series where I show what I am wearing during the work week. I thought it would be a great way to document what's my favorite and the items that I absolutely can't live without.

 I work in a corporate setting so my look during the work week is a little different than the looks that I highlight on the blog. I sometimes have a hard time coming up with outfits that are fun, stylish, and work appropriate so I thought y'all might have the same issue. I will eventually need to add a few more basics to my mix, mainly pants. Let me know if you like this style post and want to see more. 

TUESDAY - H&M Button-up | J.Crew Cableknit  on sale | J.Crew Trousers OLD but love this red version | Old Navy Booties OLD similar here | Tory Burch Wrap Bracelet | J.Crew Factory Necklace OLD love this one 

WEDNESDAY - Asos Swing Dress worn as skirt | J.Crew Bow Sweater OLD love this one | Old Navy Booties similar here | J.Crew Headband | Spike Bracelet | J.Crew Tortoise Bracelet OLD love this one 

I hope y'all have an amazing weekend. We might go to the movies and I am definitely heading to the flea market Saturday morning for a little DIY project I am working on for next week. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Sundried Tomato Pesto Pasta

During Lent, since Henry and I are Catholic we don't eat meat on Friday's and I always have the hardest time coming up with options to eat. I was scrolling through Pinterest for ideas and realized that I haven't had pesto or sundried tomatoes in forever and decided to make my own pasta with them. I also added garlic for a little extra flavor. It turned out delicious and it was so simple and easy to make.

I would like to try making my own pesto but for a quick and easy pasta the jar option is yummy. I highly recommend trying this out if you are getting bored of your lunch and dinner repeat options. I added a little bit of parmesan to top it off. I have been eating it all week. 

What is your favorite no meat meal option? I would love some ideas. 

Thank y'all so much for reading! 

My Style Evolution

I thought it might be really fun/really embarrassing to take a look back at how my style has evolved over the years. I only went back to 2011 because honestly it is quite time consuming to round up all the photos and 2011 is about the time I started blogging. Plus in college it was all t-shirts to class and "going out tops" and jeans by night. Anyone else? 

I finally got rid of the college weight I put on between 2011 and 2012 so I think that is when I really started feeling comfortable again in my own skin. My wardrobe was pretty boring in 2011 and really needed an update.I got back to the size I had been my entire life pre late night food/drinking in college. I started adding new items to my very diminished wardrobe and for awhile I really didn't have that many options. We got engaged and I was prepping for our wedding. I was super into stripes and peplum tops. My Steve Madden leopard flats are still are favorite. 

2013 was the year I purchased my Pixie pants, my favorite Zara leggings and my trusty Tory Burch flats. I seriously think that I lived in them that entire year. I darkened my hair and promptly decided I hated it - note to self don't drastically change your hair color before engagement parties. Looking back that was not my best decision because I just am not a fan. I started to develop a major love of preppy all american style. 

2014 is when I really started documenting my style on the blog. My favorites that year included the very popular blanket scarf, my strappy Zara sandals, and a great hot pink lip color. The preppy vibes that I started to love are really developing into a great wardrobe. 

It is really funny because I can really tell where I started to invest in great pieces that would last in 2015. I see my style a bit more clearly than I ever have before: classic Americana, feminine pieces, and a few trendy items mixed in. I really love shaping my wardrobe and finding pieces that are timeless. 

I can already tell a bit of a difference from 2015 to 2016. The pieces are a little more traditional and classic. I think the next few years in the beginning of my thirties I am really narrowing down exactly what I love and what works for me. 

So what do y'all think of my Style Evolution over the past 5 years? What are your best and worst style memories? 

Thank y'all so much for reading! 

Shades of Grey and Seafoam

I was looking at tons of Pinspiration over the weekend and came across some photos of spring dresses covered by sweaters and I thought it was such a great look. I have been feeling uninspired but this little weekend of refreshing is just what I needed. I think this is a fun look to break out of the mundane winter basics that I have been wearing for the last 4 months. 

Now let's just bring on the Spring. I finally finished my Dawson's Creek bender yesterday and yes I cried like a baby. So pathetic I know! 

Sweater Target OLD similar here | Dress J.Crew similar here | Mules Target similar here | Hobo Clutch | Rayban Aviators 

Thank y'all so much for reading and Happy Monday! Hope your Valentine's Day is amazing! 

My Favorite You-Tubers

As I told y'all on Friday I have been in one of those little blogging ruts that can occasionally happen - so I took the weekend to get lost in some of my favorite bloggers and You-Tubers sites and it really recharged me creatively. I sat down with a notebook and revisited my favorite books around my house from bloggers - Cupcakes and Cashmere and Lauren Conrad Style are some of my faves that I own. I currently want this one and this one. 

I visited my favorite bloggers sites and looked to their posts to inspire - my favorite bloggers currently - Carrie Bradshaw Lied, The College Prepster, and Cupcakes and Cashmere. I also watched a few of my favorite you-tubers and I know I have told y'all before but You-Tube is one of my favorites. I love the beauty videos, the vlogs, the organizational videos, and the fashion ones. So, today I wanted to round-up my favorite You-Tubers that I watch weekly and why I love them. If you are anything like me and love a peek into other peoples lives then you need to check these ladies out. 

1.) Fleur DeForce - British You-Tuber - Favorite Videos: Beauty and Fashion Hauls, Monthly Vlogging - she is currently vlogging everyday in February and I love the daily videos. Her husband Mike and her adorable puppies make cameos and they are all super cute. Love her style and her personality. 

2.) Rachel Talbott - California gal who is also a singer. Favorite Videos: Beauty videos mainly her spa night/skincare or beauty routine videos. I also love her decor, DIY, and fashion videos. She and her husband have an adorable little boy and they are so adorable - love her videos.

3.) Tiffany D - Southern You-Tuber Atlanta gal. Favorite Videos: Fashion Hauls, Beauty Tutorials and Home Decor/style videos. She and her husband have an adorable little girl and their vlogs are really fun too. 

4.) Tanya Burr - British You-Tube star. She and her husband Jim are major in the you-tube world. Favorite Videos: Any of her vlogs, baking videos, and her beauty/fashion hauls or how/tos. They are super cute and fun to watch. She was just on British Glamour and is getting even bigger.

5.) Lily Pebbles - British You-Tuber Favorite Videos: Home Hauls, Organizational and Style videos, Fashion hauls, and her vlogs. She just got engaged and she and her fiance are too cute. 

6.) Zoella - The You-tuber who started the You-Tube video craze. Favorite Videos: Anything and everything she is seriously too cute. Lives with her boyfriend Alfie and their adorable puppy Nala and their guinea pigs. So fun to follow along with them - especially during Christmas .

If y'all check them out let me know - I love watching all of them. Happy Sunday and here's to a great week. 

On My Radar

The most insanely gorgeous tree on my morning walk into work 

TGIF ladies - this was a nice short week with the holiday on Tuesday but after all of the Mardi Gras madness I am looking forward to a very clear schedule. I have tons of blog planning to do because I definitely feel like I am hitting a bit of a creative lull. You know those times when you just can't think of anything interesting to talk about - whelp it's February and I am officially in a slight rut - how is that possible only a month 1/2 into the year. 

I think with all the changes happening for us and trying to get used to our new schedules it has just been a little overwhelming to find a new rhythm. I am hoping to get back on track soon. I don't want to lose the great rate I was going and I definitely don't want to post anything boring or poor quality. I posted a recipe yesterday that was just totally poor quality and I deleted it because I just didn't feel like it represented what I want this site to be. I digress y'all - it's Friday and you don't want to sit here and listen to me jibber jabber all day. 

I am a total sucker for these types of movies and this one is no exception. It looks super cute but it's probably a renter

I just need to add all of these to my ever growing closet lust list. 

3.) Want to know your French Name?  Mine is Anais oh la la! 

5. I want these pajamas for Valentine's Weekend

Happy Weekend y'all and Thank you as always for reading! 

Currently Craving: New Skincare Routine

When I turned 30 the one thing I really wanted to focus on was making sure that I am taking care of my skin. My skin is in pretty good condition minus a few sun spots and some creases on my forehead. I am usually really great about washing my face, cleansing, and doing face masks routinely. The hardest part is being able to afford all of the amazing products I would like to be using on my skin. It's just so expensive. 

There are some items that have amazing drugstore options- cleanser (Simple is my current fave) a great day cream ( Aveeno), face masks ( Queen Helene is hands down the best ) , and body scrubs ( apricot scrub tried and true). The other products that you really need to start using in your thirties can run you a pretty penny, but are totally worth the splurge. I rounded up the items I would love to add to my beauty regimen - right now my nightly routine consists of cleansing, usually a face mask or scrub, then coconut oil to top it all off. If you have any great drugstore versions of serums or eye creams I would love to try them out. 

Thank y'all so much for reading! Please let me know any posts that you might like to see coming up - I feel like February has been a little blah and I definitely don't want to bore you guys. 

Pink + White

Things I love about Valentine's Day - wearing pink and red, a fancy date night out, stuffing my face with chocolates and wine, just call my Kirsten Cohen - if you didn't get my OC reference then that makes me sad. Or it's sad because I watch too much tv but whatever The OC will always be one of my faves - RIP Marisa. 

I decided to take a tip from myself and shop my wardrobe for a fun Valentines' Day look. This peplum top over this pink dress changes it entirely and makes it a little more date night and less cocktail. This J.Crew top might be one of the most versatile items I bought last year. The dress I have had for years but I have linked a ton of similar and fun options for your Valentine's date night. 

Hi Friends and a Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone! We are off today for the holiday and since we have been full on Mardi Gras fun for the past two weeks we are officially staying home and relaxing and maybe tackling a mountain of laundry.

 We had such a fun weekend with friends in town, going to see a few parades downtown and a day spent eating great food and spending time with friends. With our crazy schedule and my new job my blogging has been a bit sporadic as I have been adjusting to my new schedule but I believe that I am finally officially caught up - so I am sorry for the lack of posts.  

A Few February confessions

I ate so much horrible food the past two weeks that it finally sparked me to start my NY resolution work out routine - I know I am so behind but I have gotta get back into shape.

I went on a Dawson's Creek TV bender and watched the final two seasons on Itunes because I couldn't wait for them on cable - I mean that's a problem - team Pacey all day everyday.

I am giving up sweets and alcohol for Lent. Henry and I always give up alcohol - it's not that hard and we like to try to be really healthy after the holidays and Mardi Gras. The sweets are going to be the seriously difficult item to give up. 

Happy Fat Tuesday and I can't thank you enough for reading! 

* Photos by the talented Jenny of Jenny Leigh Photography