With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock // 13

Sunday Stock // 13

OOP Ball last week 

Sunday Stock 

Making: trying out the Blue Apron meals this week and I am so excited. It is so difficult during the week to get everything ready for meal prep and having them send you everything that you need is kind of amazing. Let me know if you want to see a full review. 

Reading: The Royal We - just started it and it is a very cute read so far - I will keep you updated. 

Wanting: to go somewhere tropical - watching tons of people go on winter vacations and it has me itching to plan a trip.

Watching: Downton Abbey - the final season - insert crying face here, PLL the new flash forward is great, old episodes of Dawsons Creek and PLL which I am loving and those are currently all of my favorites. Everything else is kind of boring me right now. 

Drinking: Coffee and Lemon water - probably too much coffee

Smelling: my new Jo Malone perfume that I got for Christmas - I am seriously obsessed with it. 

Starting: to work-out 3 times a week again. I have been a little behind on my working out this New Year but I have to get back at it. 

Wearing: My favorite J.Crew pixie pants on repeat 

Listening to: Adele 25 on repeat 

Trying: to really stick with my New Year's Resolutions - only a month in and I am already slacking. 

Excited about The Mardi Gras season - my ball was last week and Henry's is this week. We have some friends coming to stay Saturday night and it is going to be a blast. 

What is currently on your radar? 

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