With Style and a Little Grace: January Days

January Days

It's the first full week of 2016 and I couldn't be more excited to kick off this new year with a bang! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and if your like me sad to see it go but excited about getting back into your everyday routine. I wanted to start the new year with some of my favorite neutrals and I just love the crisp pulled together style of white and camel colors mixed together. This basic style just seems so simple but elegant at the same time. 

I have seen so many bloggers with these adorable pom-poms on their bags and I was so excited to get one for Christmas. Henry is definitely not a fan and asked me what my weird fluffy animal was attached to my purse .....  oh husbands. 

Did y'all watch the season premiere of Downton last night? So good as usual - I am so so sad it's the final season! 
Happy Monday and thank y'all so much for reading! Thank you so much to Jenny for collaborating on more fun blog photos.

All Photos by Jenny Leigh Photography


  1. Love your Louis! I wore a faux fur vest recently, and an older volunteer I work with said, "you look like you're wearing Millie!" Millie is my goldendoodle...some people just don't get fashion :)

    1. Thanks Kate it's definitely my favorite bag- Haha I love it that is hilarious - the things we do for fashion! :) Thank you for reading! XO, Gracie