With Style and a Little Grace: 2016 Resolutions

2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year y'all! I wanted to start January off right and since I love a good resolution this seemed like the perfect post. I am so happy with how well I did on last year's resolutions here - that I feel like I can really make some amazing things happen in 2016. I think writing down your goals and looking at them periodically throughout the week is an amazing tool to help you reach them. I push myself even harder when I see them and know how close they are  to my grasp - anyone else? 

If you have never tried this then 2016 might be a great year to make those dreams a reality! 

1. Work out continuously at least three times every single week - This is a goal that I am sure is on every single persons resolutions every single year. I am always really good throughout the year until around October and then it really fizzles out until the new year. I want to make a conscious decision to work out every single week and try out at least two new types of classes this year - Barre and Pilates/Yoga. Every year I say I am going to do this and I don't know why I haven't yet but this WILL be the year I start. I will be doing an update in March to see if I am following through. 

2. Travel as often as possible  - We had a few trips last year - the Bahamas, Virginia, the beach but we really  want to take advantage of our weekends before we have kids and travel as often as possible. New Orleans for a fun weekend exploring the city is on the list, a summer trip to Virginia and maybe a day trip to D.C., Bald Head Island with the family, Annual Girls Trip Memorial Day weekend, maybe Montana, New York before my bestie moves, a small ski trip - this looks like a ton and we probably won't get all of them checked off our list but I love thinking about the fun possibilities. 

3. Try new things in the kitchen - I really want to step up my game in the kitchen. I can be adventurous but I can also get in a major food rut. I want to really learn the basics this year: gravy, an amazing roast, roast chicken, the perfect dinner for a small party etc. Also, learn what I should always have on hand in case we have guests. 

4. Move into a new house this year - Buying a house is probably our number one goal for 2016. We are saving and saving and so ready to take that step - it will definitely trump travel in my resolutions categories. Fingers crossed that we can take this step in 2016! 

5. Save, save, save and have a no buy month + maybe a fun capsule wardrobe - I want to be super conscious of my spending this year and really document everything that we do and how we spend. I think this will really help us keep up with everything. I also think it would be really good for me to do a capsule wardrobe one month on the blog and only wear items from it/don't buy anything new for a month. Would y'all be interested in that? 

A few goals to keep up 

drink more water, keep making time to read all the good books, get outside with Charlie, play tennis with Henry, work on my green thumb. 

What are your goals for 2016? Thank y'all so much for reading! 


  1. Pure Barre is AMAZING!Good luck with all of your goals this year!

    1. Thanks Bama! I am excited to start and hopefully I will keep it up this time haha! Happy New Year! XO, Gracie