With Style and a Little Grace: My Top Purchases of 2015

My Top Purchases of 2015

Last year several of my favorite bloggers did a round-up of their top purchases and I absolutely loved reading them. I decided this year I would round-up my favorite purchases of the year and I think it's a great list if you are still looking for the perfect gift for someone. These are a few of my favorite things. 


CANON DSLR EOS REBEL  - This camera changed the game for me here on this blog y'all. This camera is so easy to use - even though I am still working on the more advanced settings Henry and I have really taken some amazing photos with it and I couldn't love it anymore. If you are serious about blogging and haven't invested in a DSLR - I highly recommend that you do. It will pay off. 

Josie Maran Argan Oil - This Argan oil is my favorite face oil I have ever tried. My skin feels so supple and moisturized. It is hydrating and I noticed a difference in the lines on my forehead. Highly recommend. 

Philips Sonicare Toothbrush  - I was having a few issues last year with my gums and my doctor recommended I switch to an electric toothbrush and the results have seriously been night and day. After using it for almost a year my dentist said my teeth look better than ever. I highly recommend you add this into your night-time routine. 

Rowenta Steamer - This little steamer has been the greatest addition to our house. I hate ironing and this is so easy to run over items right before we need to wear them, plus it is great to travel with because of it's size. 


Karen Walker Sunnies - I didn't actually purchase them but I tried the Ditto subscription and wore them for literally four months and I am obsessed. I am planning on purchasing them as soon as possible - they aren't the most budget friendly sunnies but they are totally worth it because they go with everything. 

MacBook - After a solid 10 years with the same computer it was time for an upgrade and I am so happy with the air. It is so lightweight and fast and perfect for everything I need to do. I have always been a Mac user but this computer is definitely my favorite so far. 

Tuckernuck Satchel - This one is a relatively new favorite but this is the perfect weekender bag and I just love how gorgeous and put together it looks when I carry it. I really needed to update to a grown up weekend bag and this was the perfect option. This one would make an amazing gift. 

TB Studs - These were a gift from Henry last Christmas and I have literally worn them almost every single day. I love a great stud earring and these just go with everything. I love them. 


LV Neverfull - This bag was a Birthday gift from Henry and I have carried it every single day. It carries all my junk and goes with basically every single outfit. I love it for traveling and is just a great tote. 


Costco - Henry and I are seriously addicted and go almost every weekend. I love that place and don't know how I lived without it - I mean I love buying in bulk - this could become a problem. 

Let me know what your top purchases of 2015 were - thank y'all so much for reading and sorry this post was late. I am running a little behind this week from family vacation and all the Christmas fun! 

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