With Style and a Little Grace: Herringbone Vest

Herringbone Vest

So if you weren't living under a rock last year you know that these herringbone vests were literally everywhere and I remember telling my brothers girlfriend Chelsea how bummed I was that I didn't snag one before they sold out. Well someone is an amazing listener because she and my brother gave me this beauty for Christmas and I was so excited! Ladies - we know she picked it out and she was spot on because I have regretted not buying it since then. 

I might be late to the party but this vest is my new favorite addition and I love the look of layering pieces with it for a preppy style. Henry and I are both such vest lovers, between the two of us we probably should not buy anymore - it's the one fashion accessory we have in common. Also I am willing it to be cooler in Mobile with my fashion choices - come on just give me under 60 degrees. I also realized just how badly I need some self-tanner. 

Happy Friday y'all and thank you so much for reading! I am sorry my posts have been a little delayed but I have been playing major catch-up all week coming back from vacation but next week is Christmas - insert jazz hands here and I have a bunch of fun posts before the holidays! 


  1. I love my herringbone vest so much! It literally matches everything!

    1. I know it literally goes with everything in my closet! XO, Gracie

  2. So cute! I wanted one so bad too! That is so awesome that she got one for you.


    1. Thanks Mariah! I know I am still so excited about it - there are tons of great options our there! Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!