With Style and a Little Grace: Christmas To-Do List

Christmas To-Do List

* Christmas in Virginia last year 

Happy Saturday Loves! Henry and I woke up this morning with colds and we are doing everything in our power not to be miserable. This time of year can be so busy and I am sure I caught it staying up until 4 am last week for the game. Since our trip to Virginia is coming up we have to get better ASAP. Lots of theraflu and as much rest as possible. 

Today I wanted to do a fun little round-up of all the fun and festive activities I want us to do before Christmas. All the little activities really make up the season and just get you into the most amazing spirit. Is everyone like this or just me? I just love baking and wrapping and decorating - the entire month is just so special. 

Let me know what your favorite activities are and what you just have to do to make it feel like the holiday season.

Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to check out all my gift-guides for your holiday shopping! 

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