With Style and a Little Grace: Baking Sugar Cookies

Baking Sugar Cookies

I love to bake - a trait that I definitely inherited from my mother. I do love cooking in general but sometimes I shy away from harder recipes when it comes to our dinner but I will try anything when it comes to dessert - there is just something a little less intimidating about sweets. Or maybe it just seems a little harder to screw up chocolate versus the perfect lamb chops.

One of my favorite things about the holidays growing up and when I would come home from college was always the nights we would spend leading up to Christmas coming up with all the goodies we were going to make that holiday season. My mom and I always bake when we are together and it is definitely something I miss since we don't live in the same town. 

So this year I decided to make some delicious sugar cookies and do a little holiday cookie decorating. I went with this recipe and the cookies were perfect. Just crisp enough on the outside and a tiny bit gooey on the inside. I skipped a step and bought store bought icing and used a little food coloring to make them a little extra festive. You can definitely tell that these cookies are homemade but they are made with tons of TLC and holiday spirit. Such a fun way to get ready for Christmas. 

I hope y'all are enjoying all the holiday posts because I am just really loving the season. Do yourself a favor and make these classic sugar cookies and definitely listen to your Christmas tunes while you bake and ice them. Then make sure to give them away to your friends and neighbors or you will eat them all - because that is what I did ;) 

Thank you so much for reading! 


  1. I love Christmas cookies! So yummy & fun to decorate :)

    1. Me to Kelsey - the only problem is I can't stop eating them but it is the holidays and that means calories don't count haha! ;) XO, Gracie

  2. I love your holiday posts! I too love this time of year and your posts have inspired more things holiday :)

    1. Oh yayy I am so glad! It is my favorite time of year - I read a meme that said December is the Friday of months and I feel like that is so true :) . Let me know what kind of festive things you decide to do! Thank you so much for reading Alyssa! XO, Gracie

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