With Style and a Little Grace: Thanksgiving 2015 + Life Update

Thanksgiving 2015 + Life Update

- traditional Thanksgiving day picture on the river - this Aerie bonfire scarf is so cozy and I found Henry some of the best button-downs at Brooks Brothers recently - this flannel is so soft 

- baked an apple pie - it was yummy but really liquidy not sure what I did wrong but not my best 

- Friday lunch with my in-laws at our favorite chinese restaurant China Doll then off to pick up our Christmas trees per our holiday tradition 

- stepping up my hot cocoa game with whipped cream and you've been warned once you do this you will never go back - so good - Anthropologie has these limited edition mugs back in -they are my favorite and only $10 

- baking my first batch of cheese straws for the holidays  - we devoured them and now I need to make more - yummy 

- bringing our tree home and setting it up - this one might be my favorite - Holiday pictures of the house coming soon 

- getting our tree - snapchat Gracie Johnston 

Happy Sunday Loves! I thought I would do a casual post today because between the gift guides, DIYs, and all the holiday inspired posts I have coming up it has been a whirlwind and I just don't feel like I have been able to have a little chat with y'all. 

Henry is going to the state championships in Tuscaloosa this week which is so exciting - first time in 20 years - I will be going to cheer him on. We also have our annual Virginia trip next week so I have been trying to get everything Christmas ready because it will be nonstop soon. This is my favorite time of year and I want to make sure I sit back and enjoy all the festivities. 


I ordered this to organize my bracelets - I'm on a major organization kick - would you want to see some posts about organizing? Let me know - maybe a series in January? 

I have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies on the regular - ready for some 25 Days of Christmas. 

I have to work-out - like desperate need. 

I read pretty girls last week and it kept me up an entire night - serious thriller y'all - I'm on a major scary book trail right now - read it you will love it.

I'm super excited to watch all my favorite you-tubers do Vlogmas - I mean it just gets me in the Christmas spirit. Favorites are Tanya Burr and Zoella - love the Brits y'all! 

My Dad and his fiance Suzanne got us a bench for the end of our bed for Christmas and I got to order it early and it's coming in this week - I CAN'T WAIT - I'm so excited - slowly but surely getting us some furniture. 

I have really wanted a spike bracelet and I found this super cheap one on Ebay and ordered it. I think it will be a great layering piece. 

Hope you had an amazing weekend - Here's to the beginning of December!  


  1. Love this post! Life updates are the best :)

    1. Thanks Alyssa - I know I love them too it's fun to see what's going on especially around the holidays! Thank you for reading! XO, Gracie