With Style and a Little Grace: Gifts With Gracie | Henry's Favorite Things

Gifts With Gracie | Henry's Favorite Things

Men are always the hardest people to shop for or at least my husband is - they have very specific items that they want/like and usually they get them right when they need them. Or they do the whole - I don't need anything bit - but your GETTING something for Christmas! I sat down with Henry and made a list of his favorite items that he already has and a few items on his Christmas wish-list. He resisted having to do it but loved how his collage turned out - it's totally all his favorite things right in one place. My husband is a hunter, fly fisherman, and he loves his PS4 so if your husband is southern and likes any of these things then this guide might be perfect for him. 

My other go-to gifts for Henry include his favorite boxers, the perfect every-day socks, shorts that he lives in, and a great t-shirt. And really anything from Macks or Cabelas for hunting and fishing and we are on point. The Lacrosse socks are the warmest socks for hunting, his RNT duck call was his favorite gift last Christmas, and he loves his ORVIS wallet with this initials. 

For my dad and my brother their style is a little different. They are golfers, readers, techies and cooks/cocktail makers. ;)  I love these sweaters, this book, this cool gadget, these wine glasses, and these cozy mocassins. 

Thank you so much for reading and let me know what the men in your life can't live without! 

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