With Style and a Little Grace: Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Pajamas

Every year around the holidays I love to get a pair of holiday pjs. A comfy and cozy pajama to wear while cozying up around the fire- if it ever gets chilly around here - for real I am entering major seasonal depression. Last year I waited until too late and the pair that I wanted was sold out.

You can check out my favorites last year here. This year I am on top of it and lucky for me J.Crew brought back the adorable pair I wanted last year and I snatched them up today plus a cool 35% off on their site currently happening. Not too shabby y'all! 

Some of my favorite holiday pjs. Holiday wisdom - get everything festive early or what you want WILL be sold out! 


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    1. Which Christmas pjs did you end up getting? I seriously want all of them! XO, Gracie