With Style and a Little Grace: A Dress to Twirl + State Traditions Giveaway Winner

A Dress to Twirl + State Traditions Giveaway Winner

I walked out of my house yesterday morning and all of my seasonal depression evaporated because it was FINALLY chilly. I could not be more excited guys - I can't tell you how gross last week was and it might be a little melodramatic but I have to have at least a little bit of seasons and let's face it I am melodramatic - just ask my husband. 

I have talked about my love of this wine color countless times this season and it is still one of my absolute fall favorites. Combine it with this totally twirl-able dress and the price tag of $36 - sign me up.  It reminds me of those great dresses you had when you were younger with the perfect amount of twirl? Anybody know what I am talking about - a good holiday dress usually did the trick. My very favorite was a thick green velvet number but it had layers that were ideal for spinning. However not ideal for posing for countless holiday photos. ;)

Shop this dress along with this look from last week on Ruby Blue Boutique or visit their store in Mobile. They are currently offering all WSLG readers 15% off with code GRACE at check-out. They have the best prices and cutest stuff. Let me know what you get. 

On a totally random note I am growing my hair out and it's in that really weird stage where it looks horrible and I can't get it to do anything - it's looking really bad in pics and I think I need to start using my curling iron again - any suggestions? It's just at a weird length right now. ANYWAYS on to the giveaway winner .......


Julie R. 

Congrats Julie - I sent you an e-mail so I can get your address. 

Thank y'all so much for reading - more fun giveaways coming up! 

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