With Style and a Little Grace: Scary Movie Night In - Essentials

Scary Movie Night In - Essentials

Sweet and Salty Snacks 

Popcorn mixed with m & ms might be one of my favorite indulgences 

Candy corn, reese's, all forms of Halloween candy 

A spooky cocktail - Cupcakes and Cashmere has some adorable options

A Spooky Movie 

Go super scary with the classic Halloween or with the best Halloween movie of all time Hocus Pocus! 

It's the eve of Halloween night and it is the perfect time for you to curl up with a cozy cup of cocoa and some delicious Halloween snacks and start the season off right! I know that's what I am going to be doing tonight.

Happy Spooking y'all! 


  1. This looks like the best night in ever!

    1. I know - gotta love a great night in! Give me some candy, a good movie, and a glass of wine all day everyday! Thank you for reading! XO, Gracie