With Style and a Little Grace: October Ipsy Bag

October Ipsy Bag

Another month - another exciting Ipsy bag, I am loving this subscription. I just love getting beauty products in the mail that may not have crossed my path otherwise. Getting another cute makeup bag is just an added bonus. 

Today I am giving you my thoughts on my newest goodies - ps I started working out again this morning and it hurt - big time! Feeling the burn but really trying to get back into the swing of things, just getting back into the routine is really the hardest part -  does anyone else feel like this? I feel like I have really fallen off the bandwagon and feel like it has made my life a little disheveled, heres to getting back to a great routine. 

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion  - I tried this when I got it from a girlfriend during a product swap almost a year ago and absolutely loved it - this is one of the best exfoliants and leaves your skin feeling baby soft. 

The Balm Lipgloss in Meet Matt Hughes  - This gloss is a gorgeous nude with a pigmented matte finish - the minty scent is great but I do feel like it can leave your lips a bit dry. 

LaVanila Rollerball Perfume  - Loving this pure vanilla scent - very warm and cozy, perfect for Fall and my handbag.

Skone Cosmetics Eye Liner in Plum  - I have heard that purple liner can really enhance green eyes and I feel like October would be a great month for me to experiment with this - stay tuned. 

Aurora Gel Polish in Inky Dinky  - My favorite item in this months bag - this polish goes on so smoothly and the navy blue is so gorgeous and really looks like a gel. I painted on Friday night and still don't have one chip. Pretty good. 

Did you get this months bag? What was your fave item? Thank y'all so much for reading - don't forget to do some fun Fall activities only two weeks left in October! 


  1. Sounds like you got some great goodies this month!

    1. I know! Lots of new goodies to try! Thanks for reading! XO, Gracie

  2. I received the same facial cleanser and lip product and I like them both. I also received a coconut hand cream, a different nail polish in a dark blue shade, and a tweezer. The tweezer is absolute trash but I do like the rest of the products. Thanks for sharing your bag!

    1. The best tweezers I have found are Tweezerman and nothing else compares haha! I love anything coconut! XO, Gracie