With Style and a Little Grace: Nightstand Essentials

Nightstand Essentials

I always love to see what other people have in their make-up collections and beauty storage and I thought a little nightstand addition might be fun. These are my current must haves in my rotation. I always have to have a great hand cream and lip balm on hand. They vary depending on what I am loving that month. I would love to know what your must haves are! 

My Current Book - Currently re-reading Frankenstein because what better book to read during Halloween. Plus I am trying to go back and read a few classics here and there. Freshen up on some of my favorite literature. 

Daily Devotional - Daily Light is my favorite daily devotional and I try to make sure to read my morning and evening passages every single day. 

Bath & Body Works Sleep Mist - I love this sleep mist when I am having a hard time sleeping- the lavender is so refreshing and instantly calms my nerves. 

Vaseline Creme Brulee Lip Balm - My favorite lip balm for nighttime - it smells amazing and really hydrates my lips. 

Brompton & Langley Vanilla Honeysuckle Hand Cream - This hand cream is thick and luxurious and makes my hands feel amazing after a long day when they start to feel super dry. 

Eye Mask - For those nights when Henry stays up later than me watching movies on the ipad. 

Happy Thursday! Did y'all see this amazing news? I am SOOOO excited! 

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