With Style and a Little Grace: Fall Playlist

Fall Playlist

I always find that certain songs remind me of moments and seasons of my life. I can pinpoint all the feels I had at that particular time and am always flooded by memories. High-school, college, my go-to karaoke jam that Henry despises - it's Fancy. Listening to my very favorite James Taylor greatest hits for hours on end on my fancy three disc cd player. Countless hours spent making mix tapes that embodied all of my teen angst and emotions into 17 songs. Henry having me watch his DVD of The Band performing and me loving them. Dancing at our wedding to Sinatra - The Way you Look Tonight - Music really does evoke so many fun and wonderful memories. 

 Wouldn't you love to have a soundtrack for your life? I think it would be so fun to come up with the perfect songs for all of those memories. It makes me think about the movie The Holiday when he makes Arthur his soundtrack .. anybody? I have rounded up a fun little Fall Playlist that I put together on my itunes and thought y'all might enjoy to get into the Fall season.  Anything Sinatra always screams Fall to me and he is hands down my favorite of all time so you know he made the cut. Norah Jones - something about her singing makes me think of chilly evenings and twinkling fairy lights. 

What are your must have songs for your Fall Playlist? 

Other jams that I love for a cozy night in 

On The Street Where You Live - Dean Martin

La Mer - Chantal Chamberland

You Don't Know Me - Ray Charles

Copperline - James Taylor

Thank y'all for reading! 

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