With Style and a Little Grace: Expectations VS. Reality

Expectations VS. Reality

I am probably the world's worst about going into every single situation with the highest expectations - this is going to be the most amazing trip we have ever had, this coffee shop is going to have the best cup of coffee we have ever tasted, this is going to be the most magical delicious amazing cake I have ever baked. This Holiday season will be candy cane glitter and rainbow sparkles 24/7 with perfect Christmas cards and the perfect gift for everyone wrapped in individually personalized wrapping paper and bows for their personality. Complete with a Christmas charm.

Ever the eternal optimist as my husband says. I know it might sound a little ridiculous but if you know me personally you know that it is totally my personality and in the process I put endless amounts of pressure on myself to make everything perfect and when things don't live up to my expectations I can be really hard on myself. 

I have learned countless times that I can't expect others to do things the way I think they should and that's ok - everyone is different. All I can do is the best I can and live my life the way I want. It might not always be perfect but it is real and full of love.  I don't think it's a bad thing to have high expectations, I think it always leaves something to keep you inspired. 

 When I stood in my imperfect kitchen tonight eating leftover pizza with my husband - our dog standing under our feet begging for a slice even though he knows he isn't supposed to and rain falling lightly on the roof -  in that moment there was no place in the world I would rather be. I am learning that it's the middle balance between reality and your expectations of the future where you can really have a ton of fun. I know I am. 

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