With Style and a Little Grace: Emma Bridgewater Coffee Mugs

Emma Bridgewater Coffee Mugs

Over the last few years coffee and tea have become one of my favorite little rituals. I really look forward to my morning cup of joe and hot tea has become one of my favorite indulgences especially when the weather turns crisp outside. I love having it in the late afternoon for a bit of a pick me up. I am loving trying tons of different flavors and my tea collection might be getting a little out of control - let me know if you want to see a full post on all my favorite teas. I watch a ton of British you-tubers my favorites here and here and I am always picking up great teas to try from them. 

I have also started collecting fun mugs. I have never really had a collection of anything and I feel like mugs are a harmless collectible ie won't turn into hoarder status. There is something so fun about drinking your favorite hot drink out of an adorable and festive mug. Through the Brits I follow I stumbled across Emma Bridgewater and I am officially in love! She is British and her company is based in the UK but they do ship to the United States and you can also get some of her festive mugs on Amazon. Today I thought I would show you a few of my favorites and I have a few that I will definitely be ordering soon. 

Year in Country - Halloween Mug  - kind of OBSESSED with this one but the shipping is $30 from her site and it's not on Amazon :( 

What is your favorite mug to drink out of? Right now it's my skull one for Halloween - feeling festive! 

Happy Sunday and thank y'all for reading !


  1. These mugs are so cute! I have so many already and told myself no more, but I might have to break the rules :)

    1. I know I love them - haha there is always room for one more! ;) XO, Gracie

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