With Style and a Little Grace: Apple Cider Champagne Cocktails

Apple Cider Champagne Cocktails

Cheer's y'all! Bringing you my new favorite Autumnal cocktail for all of your parties coming up! This little bubbly concoction is delicious with just the right amount of crisp apple cider mixed with champagne bubbles. It tastes like the holidays in your mouth- for real. I made them for my family at the beach and they were a huge hit. 

Such a fun and different way to incorporate apple cider for the Fall season. There was a viewing of Hocus Pocus while we had our cocktails and it was my first time to watch it for this season - love love this time of year! 

1 bottle of champs 

Apple Cider 

Red Apple

Pour all ingredients together - more champs than apple cider and stir 


If you make them let me know how they turn out! I think they would be fabulous if you are having a fancy Thanksgiving soiree or Christmas party! 

Thank you so much for reading! 

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