With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Stock // 11

Sunday Stock // 11

Saturday night date with the hubs - snow crab 

Sunday Stock 

Making: this apple and cheddar grilled cheese on repeat and bagels and cream cheese

Reading: just picked up Black Eyed Susans and The Luckiest Girl Alive - starting The Luckiest Girl alive! Also finally finished All the Light We Cannot See and I will be reviewing it this week - so good! 

Wanting: this beautiful Fall weather to stay around for good! I know it is probably going to get a little hot again but I don't want it to

Watching: I watched the whole season of The 100 on Netflix and I am officially obsessed with it - I was so bummed that season 2 is not on there yet. Do y'all watch that show? Still loving Dawsons and a little obsessed with Gilmore Girls - it's a problem. Movies - I finally watched The Longest Ride (sobfest) and Into the Woods which was not as good as I wanted it to be. Ohhh Ladies of London is back - I LOVE THAT SHOW! Caroline is my FAVE - I want to be her for a day. 

Listening To: Oh my gosh can't stop listening to Justin Bieber's What do you Mean - but his hair is so bad y'all! 

Smelling: A new pumpkin pie candle - I really want to buy all the new Bath & Body Works arrivals. 

Wishing: that I had more time in the day - after traveling last weekend I feel so behind on life - finally feel like I am catching up this weekend

Enjoying: the beginning of the new season - I just love this time of year - everything feels new and fresh and it's a great time to start anew

Loving: my new mac book air SOOOO much! I just can't believe how much faster and better it is than my old old old mac


What's on your radar? Happy Sunday y'all and thank you so much for reading! 

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