With Style and a Little Grace: Summer 2015 Favorites

Summer 2015 Favorites


Happy Labor Day Weekend Loves!
Today I thought I would round up a few of my favorite posts of the Summer since this is the last official weekend! Did you have an amazing summer? Ours was wonderful filled with lots of lazy weekends and days in the sun - which in my opinion is what Summertime is all about. I didn't quite do everything on my Summer To-Do List  but hey, there is always next year right?
I get so excited for September - it still feels like the beginning of a new year even though my school days are long behind me. A new season brings with it so much promise and I just can't love the Fall anymore than I already do!
I am heading to my hometown this weekend to spend some time with my family- Henry has a football game so he gets out of the 51/2 hour car ride - looks like it's just me a few new books on my Audible app and lots of that new Bieber song because that's right I'm addicted!
 I hope y'all have a great long weekend!

Thank you so much for reading!

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