With Style and a Little Grace: My Bag Collection Fall/Winter

My Bag Collection Fall/Winter

I loved doing the post on my Autumn/Winter shoe collection a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to do a little round-up of my bags. Like I said with my shoes I am slowly curating a closet/wardrobe of staples and items that I hope will last for a long time to come. This definitely does not happen overnight and I truly do think bags are one of those staples that you should really invest in. A great bag will last for years and years and only increase in value - which is what I keep telling my husband when I want to buy a new one ;) 

My bag collection is definitely small but I have whittled it down to only items I use and love and I can now evaluate what I really want/need to add.
Here is my current collection 

Zara Tote Bag  - Zara is my go-to for affordable well made options that will last. They have the best quality shoes and bags at amazing prices. I love this sturdy tote and it is gigantic enough to lug around everything I could possibly need on any given day - a great everyday tote. 

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote  - I had so many friends who had this bag in college and I wanted it so badly. It was one of the first gifts Henry gave me. I love the classic and preppy style of it and the fabric is so durable - you can literally turn it inside out and wash it. It's a great casual tote - I really want the large version next. 

Louis Vuitton Never Full Damier Azur - The Louis Vuitton Never Full is officially my favorite tote right now. I can fit everything I need for every single day and have been carrying this bag on the daily. There is room for way too many items and I love that I have everything I need with me and the structure of the bag never changes. 

Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. - The perfect cross-body and I want to buy it in every single color. This bag is great for a day of shopping or a date-night out. Those times when you don't need your entire life - just your cards, phone, keys, and some lipgloss. 

Black Cross Body - I have no clue who this little bag is by, I found it at DSW about 4 years ago and at that time I was in desperate need of a black bag and still am. This one is really cute and can be changed into a clutch. 

Forever 21 Brown Clutch - Probably the oldest bag in my collection I have had this one since my early college days - I did a major clean-out of all my SUPER OLD bags a few years ago but this one remained a staple. Until I replace it with something a bit fancier she will stay because you will always need a little brown clutch. 

Tory Burch Logo Clutch - This gold beauty is perfect for a fancy night on the town and I can't wait to break it out for the Holiday season - it was a gift from Henry. I feel like clutches can really add a little something extra to any look. 

Forever 21 snakeskin bag - I take that back about the brown clutch because I am pretty sure I bought this one with it. I think at that time I had ZERO bags and was in desperate need. This one has probably saved me the most over the years - blending in with pretty much every outfit and looking much fancier than her F21 price tag. 

What are your favorite bags in your collection? 

My ultimates to eventually have include this clutch, this tote, and this cross-body


  1. I've had a bronze Coach cross body for a couple years, and I was break it out around autumn/winter. It goes with everything and is the perfect size to fit essentials without being too bulky.


    1. Love it! A great cross-body is a definite must plus it always feel great to break out your bag with the seasons! Thanks for reading! XO, Gracie